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Titanic Pets

Discussion in 'Animals on the Titanic' started by Chester Wallace, Sep 18, 2010.

  1. Crystal Von

    Crystal Von Guest

    I would think women passengers would complained to the officals,to the captain,chief officer,etc...women and reptiles/bird eating spiders do not mix,that was my main point.
  2. However I think snakes would have provided a great aid against rats...
  3. Brian Ahern

    Brian Ahern Member

    Crystal, I think Mark meant that you used the word "except" when you meant "accept".

    Personally, I agree with Chester that it would have been nice for all the small dogs to been taken into boats with their owners. But big dogs are another matter. When you had people leaving humans they loved on deck, anyone making a fuss at having to leave an Airedale or a Chow behind would be pretty irrational in my book - and I'm speaking as a lifelong dog-lover. It would break my heart to leave a dog behind, but I'd also be ashamed to have Mary Fortune or Elizabeth Hocking or any of the other women who left sons behind see me with a dog on the Carpathia that didn't weigh much less than their flesh and blood (actually, though I like to think I'd have saved the Jack Russell that was my pride and joy as a kid, I'd still want to hide her away on the rescue ship so she wouldn't be a slap in the face to those grieving for loved ones).

    That said, I think it's a completely different story today, when ships are supposed to be much more equipped for mishaps. I would be quite dismayed to learn that the QM2 doesn't have evacuation plans in place for its pet passengers.
  4. Thanks Crystal! I'm glad you feel the same way I do.

    I haven't been on a ship like the QM2 but hopefully they have evacuation plans in place for pets. I would think so. In this age of open-mindedness I'm sure there are plans for pets. There might even be a lifeboat especially designed to save pets. But that would mean the owners would temporarily be separated from the pets.
  5. Monica Hall

    Monica Hall Member

    I don't think there are lifeboats for pets on the QM2 or any other ship. There may be evacuation plans, but not designated lifeboats, surely?

    And I have to be honest, anyone trying to evacuate my cat Boris would have considerable difficulty.
  6. I'd die if I couldn't get my yorkie off the ship. I mean literally die.
  7. Crystal Von

    Crystal Von Guest

    >>I don't think there are lifeboats for pets on the QM2 or any other ship<<

    Hi Monica.

    I do know of,todays laws and rules,there is a rule that consist of......or goes something like this!
    There must be room for all living souls on board to enter a life boat before the ship is loud to leave for her voyage.

    Note: There must be room for all living souls for a life boat seat.....I do firmly believe,that this does include peoples pets,any one know for sure?
  8. >>I would be quite dismayed to learn that the QM2 doesn't have evacuation plans in place for its pet passengers.<<

    It may not be necessery. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong but the regulations regarding the transportation of animals are a lot tighter now then they once were. Effectively meaning "No Pets Allowed."

    Even if they are, I would expect that there would be quite a bit of bureacratic hoop jumping that would have to be satisfied in order for this to be permitted. Even if pets are allowed, it may be more trouble then it's worth.
  9. Probably shipping lines and cruises will come up with some way to include pets for an extra fee. I read somewhere that there is a pet airline. Also a person can bring a pet on an airplane as long as it is sedated in one of the holds below. Granted one cannot walk around a plane like on a ship though.
  10. Could you tell me why they are not allowed on cruise ships? Thanks.
  11. Beth Barber

    Beth Barber Member

    First would be my daughter, then my pet, if at all possible. Like my daughter, Katie, says - "Dogs are people too!" (She is 10) happy.gif
  12. >>Could you tell me why they are not allowed on cruise ships? Thanks.<<

    If they are not, then it would be as a consequence of restrictions on the carraige and transportation of animal between countries. It may not be expressly forbidden by law but as an acedemic exercise, try looking up the laws which apply if you wanted to move to the United Kingdom and you wanted to bring your dog or cat with you.

    There are broadly similar laws on the books in other countries with an eye towards preventing the spread of certain diseases such as rabies.

    There may well be some exceptions for service animals such as seeing eye dogs, but their vaccinations would have to be completely up to date and documents proving this would be required.
  13. "Dogs are people too!" (She is 10)

    People from india thought the same. The said that if a person behaved badly in a life they would become something worse in the next one through incarnation (they could be converted into an untouchable or even an animal)
  14. Brian Ahern

    Brian Ahern Member

    Sorry - I've been off the board for a few days. QM2 does provide kennel services, on transatlantic crossings only. Dogs are cared for by a "kennel master", who I'm guessing doubles as something else, as I doubt it's a full-time job. They are taken for walks on certain parts of the deck (the deck even includes a little faux-fire hydrant), and are allowed visiting hours with their owners in the kennels, and nowhere else.
  15. Brian, do you know what sort of legal conditions need to be satisfied to bring pets aboard the ship?
  16. Brian Ahern

    Brian Ahern Member

    I don't know exactly what paperwork is required as part of the "Pet Passport Travel Scheme". Cunard's website doesn't seem to go into detail about it.

    The following blog gives some illumination on what a QM2 crossing is like for animal travelers.
    It includes a video that I can't watch right now because I'm not at home and the connection where I am takes too long BUT, from the stills, it looks like Cunard does provide doggie life preservers! Not sure if there is a feline counterpart.
  17. >>I don't know exactly what paperwork is required as part of the "Pet Passport Travel Scheme". Cunard's website doesn't seem to go into detail about it.<<

    The whole blog looks more like an extended advert about how well Fido and Floofy will be cared for once they're aboard. It doesn't say anything which I noticed about the requirements at any port of entry. Seems to me that any passenger needs to look into this so their four legged friend can avoid a prolonged stay in quarantine.
  18. Monica Hall

    Monica Hall Member

    Who'd be a dog, or a cat? I suppose you're fixated on a human companion from extreme youth, whom you trust (no alternative), and who can put you through really bizarre stuff. Like travelling on an ocean liner, or an aeroplane, and jabs that allow you to circumvent quarantine. Can't be easy, though.

    Boris has just strolled in through the catflap with a dead mouse in her mouth. She has a home (mine, but she thinks it is hers) and a territory of interesting places and stuff, about which I know nothing. If I took her travelling, I think she'd probably go mad.
  19. Just a quick note to say It's against IATA rules to sedate pets being transported in the cargo hold of airplanes as they are extremely likely to die. Any reputable airline/shipper will examine pets before the flight and deny boarding if they seemed sedated but staff on smaller airlines don't always have all the training of companies like BA, United, Cathay etc and the odd one may slip through and responsibility is with the owner not to give them any medication prior to flight.
    The QM2 staff have pet evacuation training btw
    (pet transport is part of my business)
  20. Earl

    Earl Member

    Hi Adam,
    Informative link and like Chester, will be of great help and information for many. Bookmarked the link to share with others also and to check more updates here.