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Charlene Vickers

Just to confirm (although it's a bit late) - sunset in Cherbourg was at 6:49 PM GMT on April 10, 1912.

(A good sunset/sunrise calculator can be found at www.adventist.org/sun/)

Christine Geyer

I believe also belive that the night photo is just strongly retouched, but it is a real photo. Seems to me like retouching was used quite often back in that time. For example I have seen some pics of Titanic (Olympic) whith 4 funnels smoking. I think this is even a result of some retouching work, isn't it ??


Dan Cherry

Dec 14, 1999
I agre 100% about the retouching kick people were on back then. Eyes closed - paint them in. Heck, half of the Olympic-Titanic construction photos have SOMETHING scratched out or etched in. Reflections in windows are deleted. The photo of Titanic's engines in the shop have things in the foreground eliminated. Most of the Titanic outfitting have the portable outhouse on the starboard bow painted out, unpainted bulkheads 'painted' in with a little paint. Knowing the solution to an imperfect picture was recreation, my gut feeling (like George's) is that the night picture at Cherbourg is a real photo, just retouched in a major way.
Dec 7, 2000
I have no idea where I have seen this, but in my mind, I'm quite convinced that I saw 2 night photos of Titanic at Cherbourg both heavily retouched. Am I wrong or has someone else also seen two night photos? This would make 4 photos taken at Cherbourg.

I was under the impression that Titanic had reached Cherbourg at about 5:30pm - however according to discussions above I'm an hour off. I'd just like to confirm that Titanic did indeed reach Cherbourg about 6:30. I read she was scheduled to arrive about 4:30, but due to the 1 hour delay at Southampton arrived late. I figured this would be about 5:30, if she arrived at 6:30, what did the Titanic do in that other hour?


Philippe Delaunoy

Dear all,

I spoke with Mr Vanhoutte, the creator of the Web-side www.nomadic.fr.st where you can find the 2 pictures of the Titanic arriving in Cherbourg. He confirmed me that the pictures are coming from an unknown private collector. This is also confirmed by Mr Gerard Destrais who wrote a book called "Le Titanic à Cherbourg". Mr Destrais wrote under each picture "Private Collection".

Daniel, Mark,

Was the 1 hour time difference between UK and France also existing ?

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