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Apr 24, 2002
I recently found a postcard of the Titanic in my grandmothers loft. It shows the Titanics Starboard side decked out with flags and at anchor-obviously issued after she sank and has spithead series written in the right hand side. Can anyone tell me when these were issued and what the possible value is? Am not interested in selling it but have no other info leads on how to find out about how old it is.

Many thanks
Cliff Barry

Dan Cherry

Dec 14, 1999
Hello, Cliff,
it appears that you are describing the postcard issued right after the disaster that actually shows the Olympic, starboard side, dressed in flags. I have this postcard, too. On the left hand lower side is a hand-written scrawl acknowledging the Titanic disaster and in the right corner it says "Spithead Series"
My card was postmarked 3 May 1912, so apparently they were manufactured sometime in the third or last week of April 1912.
I purchased mine for about $30 US this year, though I have seen them go on eBay for as high as $120 US...
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