Titanic: Prediction of When Grand Staircase , Dining Room , Scotland Road Flooded


Anyone tell me when scotland road , the grand staircase , and the first class dining room flooded? Here is my prediction.

Grand Staircase : 2:10 when A Deck was flooding , Boat deck level 2:15 as dome imploded.

First Class Dining Room: 1:55 as double doors of dining room slowly creaked open to let water in.

Scotland Road: 1:00 as water calmly , like the dining room , creaked up the hall , flooded as far as Charles Josh linz cabin by the time water reached the forward funnel.

My mistake , it was Joughlin's cabin. Sorry.
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Chung Rex

The exact time when the place mentioned above were flooded is not known. However, time can be roughly estimated (albeit differently) with different theories of sinking (e.g. top-to-bottom cracking of ship or bottom-to-top cracking of ship). In my suggestion, time of flooding in Cameron's Titanic is not too reasonable.

At the final moment of Titanic's sinking, the flooding process is rather chaotic, with fine time-scale and excellent programming could help us to figure out the situation.