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Dudie Jackson

Oct 17, 2004
I'm new here and i dunno where to post this so i thought lets post it here

Soon i have to do a presentation about the Titanic well we to find out which things are true and flase or shown different in the movie if you look at how it really went..
Now i allready find out that there was no jack dawson so there wasnt a love affear between Jack and rose.. But now i'm trying to find out if Rose and Call where really on the Titanic but this site is sooo big so i dunno where to look.. can someone help me? Also with other facts?
Jun 12, 2004
* No relationship or affair between first- and third-class
* No third-class in first-class
* No first-class women threatening to jump off the tail end of the ship
* No Picasso paintings in the Suite (the suite, in fact, which was originally occupied by J. Bruce Ismay)
* No 'arrangement' between Cal and First-Officer Murdoch
* No kiss which distracted the look outs and Murdoch seconds before seeing the iceberg
* No sex in William Carter's Renault
* No first-class women pulled out of the sea by fifth officer Lowe (as a matter of fact, only three or four people were, not six)
* No third-class deliberately locked in the Master-at-Arms office while the ship was sinking
* No passengers scuttling through the boiler rooms
* No wooden benches torn from the floor in third-class to use as a ram against any gates
* No J.J. Astor drowning in the first-class staircase forier.
* No Strausses drowning in their bed as their cabin filled with water
* No first-class dogs "taking a shite" on the poopdeck
* No multitude of first-class women having perished, as depicted in the very last scene (in fact, only four first-class women perished: E. Isham, H. Allison, E. Evans, and I. Straus)

This is just the beginning, hehe. I'm sure that others will contribute to this list as well. Anything that related personally to the fictional characters listed in Paul's post undoubtedly did not happen. The best way of determining what did happen is by reading about those who really existed. You can do that by looking up, first, the primary sources, which can be found under the "Books" forum on this site (again, I didn't think of copying the URL first to provide a link here. Sorry). Several secondary books will help also. Stay away from Charles Pellegrino, Tom McKluskey, and Gardiner, though. They will present more fiction and fantasy than Cameron did, hehe.

Good luck!
Feb 24, 2004
There are of course countless books about the ship, but one of the best factual books (in my opinion) is still Walter Lord's "A Night to Remember" -That's definitely a good place to start, as Mr. Lord personally knew many of the people whose stories are told.

Cornelius Thiessen

Paul.......there was indeed a J.Dawson aboard the Titanic, I believe he was a fireman. His grave I believe is in Halifax.It surely is'nt Jack Dawson but still pretty close to the name. I wonder if James Cameron was aware of this J.Dawson?

Jason D. Tiller

Aug 20, 2000
Niagara Falls, Ontario
Hi Cornelius,

Paul is actually correct, when he says there was no 'Jack' Dawson on board, but there was a Joseph Dawson who was a trimmer, which is the crew member you're referring to.

Yes, his grave is in Halifax and no, James Cameron did not know until after the movie was made, that there was a J. Dawson on board. He has been asked that question in previous interviews and his answer was, if he had known he wouldn't have selected the name, or something to that effect.
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