Titanic related books for sale

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I have multiple copies of a few Titanic titles, and am willing to sell the extras to get some much needed bread-Any interest, let me know.

*'White Star' by Roy Anderson, 1964. Missing dust jacket. A bit of a misprint, as the book was bound upsidedown, but contents unaffected.$50

*The Ismay Line by Wilton Oldham, 1961. Missing dust jacket, does have my personal bookplate on first blank page and a previous owners name hand written on inside cover. Otherwise fine. $150

*Truth About the Titanic by Archibald Gracie, 1913- Super rare green version, presumably a second printing, as it has a post sinking photo of Gracie the more common maroon version lacks. Tight binding, but is missing first blank page, and does have my bookplate onm inside cover.The cover of this very book is on Michael's titanic book site..$375

*Loss Of the SS titanic-Court of Inquiry- recently published harcover containing the entire Brit titanic hearing, vg shape, in slipcase..$175

Steamboat Bill back issues-
Steamboat bill is the journal of the Steamship Historical society- and I have the following issues
#93 (Spring 1965)
#95 (Fall 1965)
#97 (Spring 1966)
#101 (Spring 1967)
#102 (Summer 1967)
#103 (Fall 1967)
#104 (Winter 1967)
#105 (spring 1968)
#106 (Summer 1968)
#107 (Fall 1968)
#108 (Winter 1968)
#110 (Summer 1969)
#111 (Fall 1969)
#112 (Winter 1969)
#113 (Spring 1970)
#114 (Summer 1970)
#115 (Fall 1970)
#116 (Winter 1970)
#117 (Spring 1971)
#118 (Summer 1971)
#119 (Fall 1971)
#120 (winter 1971)
#213 (spring 1995)
#249 (Spring 2004 (Queen mary 2 issue)

I'll sell the lot of Steamboat bills for $50

Also i have a few issues of Titanic International Society's journal Voyage

#53 (Fall 2005)
#55 (Spring 2006)
#56 (Summer 2006)]
#61 (Fall 2007)

I'll sell the lot of Voyage issues for $15

Of course I'd apply the above as trade for the large Danbury mint Titanic model if you have a spare to trade...

If anything blows your hair back, drop me an email...

Tarn Stephanos

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