Titanic related places to visit

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Trent Pheifer

I was wondering, if any one could help me on places to visit Titanic Relate, I have many places in Halifax, Southhampton, and New York, i have very few other places. I think I have all the Titanic memorials. I want to make a site of Titanic places to visit and the story behind them. If anyone could help I would greatly apperciate it.


julia feldmann

There are a lot of places connected to the Titanic in (Northern) Ireland. For example Harland and Wolff, the shipyard where Titanic was built,
the Titanic memorial in Belfast and the house where Thomas Andrews, Titanic´s builder lived in.
Of course, there´s also Queenstown (today: Cobh) where Titanic stopped before she started her journey across the Atlantic.

Julia Feldmann

Stacie Crowther

I sure would love to see some Titanic-related places here in Los Angeles, California area. Does anyone know of any out here?
The Clarke home in west-central L.A. still exists, and I think the Pasadena home of the Douglas family exists. Check with Mike Herbold, a member who lives in the L.A. area. George Brereton's home in East L.A. is still there. The San Francisco area has a number of Titanic-related sites that are shown at:


Marilyn Burgess

Hi all:

If you get a chance, you should visit Halifax, site of the cemetery.

There are also a lot of other related sites there also.

Their museum contains the original log of the wireless operator who was in contact with the Titanic.

OH I AM SO GLAD to find this particular thread!!! I too would love to see some Titanic related places in Southern California, and try to connect things together. I thought I was just strange. I have gotten a few very kind emails from Mike Herbold and he is the man with allot of knowledge there. One day I would love to meet all of you on the Queen Mary, which is my favorite although quite small connection to the Titanic. For what it is worth in case no one else has made the same connection, The captain of The Queen Mary from February 25, 1942 until August 10 1942 was Commodore Sir James Bisset. (Junior officer of the Carpathia).
For anyone who may visit Virginia City Nevada, be sure to take note of the Mackay mansion. He made his fortune there in the famous Comstock load and later went into a partnership with a man named Bennett, and their cable company named one of their ships the "Mackay-Bennett". Since silver was mined out of there and Bodie California to the mint in Carson City, in a far stretch I guess you could say even a Morgan Silver dollar with a Carson City mint is connected. I am trying to Connect Bodie closer than that and since it is a stones throw from San Francisco so to speak, I may just find something.
Anyone else out there with anything, PLEASE post it. I do allot of traveling and it brightens the trip to find a connection in an unknown city. Thanks!!! Colleen
Thanks for that, Colleen. I had no idea of anything about MacKay. Several major San Franciscans got rich with the Comstock silver load, too, including James Flood. Here's a picture of the James Flood mansion, which still exists, at California and Mason streets in San Francisco.
WOW. Now that is what I call a M.A.N.S.I.O.N.!! I could sit and look at that all day.
The Mackay mansion has a chandelier made out of the silver they mined there and it is absolutely breathtaking. I now understand why the Morgan silver dollars minted in Carson are so sought after (besides the obvious rarity). It is the particular color. Different then any other dollar minted, and it is blatent in this silver chandelier.
The current caretakers at the mansion didn't even put 2 and 2 together and connect it to the Titanic, so they were surprised when I told them.
I am new to the computer world, but I will figure out somehow how to attach a video jpg since I do have video footage of it.
Thanks again for sharing the photo. I enjoy ALL history and California is just an added bonus beings I can usually drive there and see it in person. Sincerely. Colleen
When in New York, be sure to stop by Macy's Dept store and see the memorial that the employees erected at the 34th street entrance.

And if in Springfield, Massachusetts, ask for directions at the THS society for the memorial of Milton Clyde Long.

If in Hartford, Connecticut, ask me to show you the memorials for J.P.Morgan, Lawrence Beckwith and Susan Webber. New England is full of Titanic related sites.


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If you want any help with your enquiries about the various Titanic Memorials either here in Southampton, or anywhere else in Britain, or world-wide, then I would suggest you make contact with Brian Ticehurst of the British Titainc Society.

There are two titles he has manged to get published, both are continiously being update, and what's more, both in my mind's eye come highly recommendable:-

Titanic's Memorials, World-wide, Where they are Located.

Titanic Victims Discovered in the Old Cemetery-the Common Southampton.

Sorry if my posting has come a bit later then normal, but I hope, this does help your cause in the long while.

Andrew W.
Another few for the record. Emma-do you live in New London? The top one is New York- Central Park, then Macy's Herald Square, Manhattan.

Hi Shelley

I am so sorry i didn't see your post to me! Thank you for the photos they are really nice. I am not in New London but I hope to visit one day!
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