Titanic Related Poetry

Allan Wolf

Allan Wolf


I've looked in Steven Biel's Titanica: The Disaster of the Century in Poetry, Song, and Prose (WW Norton, 1998) but the Nixon poem is not there. It may not be so helpful to know where you CAN'T find the poem, but at least it will save you the time and money of looking at this particular book. Good luck.



Thanks for taking the time to respond! I appreciate the information--and knowing someone else has been looking for this treasure, as well.

Your website is delightful!

Bob Godfrey

Dave Gittins does provide a slightly longer extract on his website, but mercifully most of the verses remain still on the cutting room floor:


Whatever, the real gems on that page are Dave's own parodies in verse, which are stunningly accurate and very, very funny.

This begs the question - Is Mr Nixon himself another of Dave's wonderfully creative inventions? Anything's possible but I suspect not, as Dave generally signals his intention at such times by posting on April 1st!


As disaster is missed

All that's felt a slight shudder
A shake in the rudder
Though the bow swings out wide
There a familiar groaning inside
Without a single soul to spare
People continue unaware
3 hours to a watery grave
But how many souls can be saved?

She glances passed the mountain of ice
It passes elegant, white and nice
The sea's calm and still
Hiding it's icy cold chill
The Captain aware of it's doom
Paces his watery tomb
As the band starts to play
Atmosphere's happy and gay
As the first lifeboats unhatched
Women and children are despatched
Although most think she missed
There's a 5 degree list

Below already many have perished
Families hold on to their cherished
The lifeboats difficult to fill
On the ocean a stabbing cold chill
The first boat's launched half full
The remaining are still hopeful
Britain's stiff upper lip
Now climb a 10 degree dip

Through smoke, brandy and cards
First class, the highest regard
Are given lifebelts and paired
Their lives will be spared
With third class families locked in
The lifeboat filling may begin
Another SOS is cast out
Help is under serious doubt
Although few respond
Help's 4 hours across the pond
Families reluctant to be split
As another white rocket is lit
Children amazed by the bright flare
Gents dressed in evening wear
Stroll under the starry sky
Unaware tonight's their final goodbye
Gallons of water fill up inside
The first class blinded by pride
As the danger is being missed
There's now a 20 degree list

As panic sets in
An orderly queue can begin
Gents wave their goodbyes
Will terror filled eyes
As the boats are lowered away
Final words departing couples say
With another evening dance playing
Words of hope mothers are saying
"It's just goodbye for a while"
Is said through a false smile
As the waterline reaches the bow
The list is 30 degrees now

The impending doom is clear
People realise the end draws near
Although crowds fill the stern
Only extra minutes it'll earn
The band continue to keep the moral upbeat
Water quickly approaches their feet
"Gentlemen it's been a pleasure to play,
With you kind fellows today,
Good luck and take care,
But one more tune shall we share?"
So as their final song plays
Women in lifeboats listen amazed
With the stern up in the air
At a 45 degree angle they stare

People scramble up the decks
No one wants to die next
Some jump over the rail
Some succeed but some fail
As the stern continues rising
People start compromising
The baker finds climbing over the rail a hard task
And takes another sip of his near empty hip flask
A group sing nearer my god to thee
As the last lifeboat's cut free
It floats away upside down
With men clambering up its crown

The strain splits the great ship
And the bow take it's last dip
The Captain stays at his post
Where he'll remain as a ghost
A funnel falls to the water loud
And hits an unsuspecting crowd
The stern holds still up straight
For a minute or two they wait
Until like a lift it begins to plunge
Taking its final fateful lunge
Hundreds cast to the sea
In water barely a degree
Soon their bodies turn numb
To exposure they succumb
A roar turns to a shout
As survivors single out
Even the strong
Don't last very long

Just 7 survived the wait
The lifeboats returned too late
1500 bodies float nearby
As 700 survivors ask why
Tears fill mother's eyes
Hearing their children's cries
A hard lesson was learned
Before admiration was earned

John H. Lowe

I came across this old piece of poetry:-

In Memoriam of the Great and Beautiful Ship "TITANIC" by John T. Hotchkiss.

'Great star of wonder and of fate,
The Belfast ship built up to date;
Like a huge fortress she,
One thousand feet was just her length;
Like a Cathedral, great for strength,
A monarch of the sea.

Plus another 42 verses