Titanic Related Spots in Minnesota Wisconsin

Mar 15, 2001
I am traveling to these two states in a few weeks and was wondering if there are any Titanic related spots in either state. Can anyone help?

Renae Tadsen

Hi Darren,
The beautiful Walter and Mahala Douglas mansion, called Walden, is on Lake Minnetonka (just west of Minneapolis) and worthy of a visit. Someone posted a picture of it here once.
John and Nelle Pillsbury Snyder lived in a mansion in Wayzata, a wealthy town which is on the same lake. I wish I could be more specific.
About 100 miles SW of Minneapolis, there is the small town of Madelia, which was the birthplace of 'mystery man' gambler George Brereton/Brayton. I've never been there, but it's easy to find on a good map.
I'll let you know if I find out anything else. : )
Apr 27, 2003
Darren - Greetings from the UK.
Here are a few sites from my book
''Titanic Memorials Worldwide - Where They are Located''
Minnesota, Duluth, Forest Hill Cemetery. Holds the grave of Mrs. Alice M. Silvey (later Mrs. Patrick).
Minnesota, Duluth, Oneonta Cemetery. Holds the grave of Miss Anna Salkjelsvik (later Mrs. Larson).
Minnesota, Little Swan, Little Swan Cemetery. Holds the grave of Mrs. Hedvig Holma Turkula.
Minnesota, Minneapolis, Lakewood Cemetery. Holds the grave of Mr. John Pillsbury Snyder.
also holds the grave of his wife Mrs. Nellie Stevenson Snyder.
Minnesota, Pillager, Wildwood Cemetery, USA. Holds the fine family stone to Mrs. Bertha Luhrs (nee Lehmann).

Wisconsin, Beloit, Oakwood Cemetery. USA. Holds the grave and marker to Mr. Albert Wirz, Third Class passenger. Marker installed by Mr. Gunter Babler, September 1996.
Wisconsin, Green Bay, Woodlawn Cemetery. Edward John Minahan is buried here.
Wisconsin, Lannon, Menomonee Falls, Sunnyside Cemetery. Holds the grave of Mrs. Louise Kink (later Kroepfl).
also holds the grave of her daughter Louise Gretchen Kink (later Pope).
Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Forest Home Cemetery USA. Captain Edward Gifford Crosby was cremated and his ashes scattered here.
also his wife Mrs. Catherine Elizabeth (nee Halstead) is interred here.
also their daughter Miss Harriette Crosby is interred here.
Wisconsin, Racine, Calvary Cemetery. Holds the grave of Jennie (May) Howard (later Emerson).
also holds the grave of Mrs. Jennie Hansen (later Mrs. Emerson).
also on the above stone there is an inscription to her first husband Mr. Peter C. Hansen.

I trust that is enough? Happy searching.


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