Titanic remembered in houses of worship

Apr 11, 2001
Today I was looking through the records of the venerable Grace Church of Providence, Rhode Island where Stanton Abbott and the Ostby family are chronicled. Helen's confirmation on May 1st 1913 as well as her first communion in 1907. Raymond Ostby's generosity in lending his automobile for church use is detailed in the parish bulletin of 1914, and the beautiful black bordered memorial for Titanic victims is pasted carefully in the parish scrapbook. There is a note that the crowds spilled out into the street. Helen's memorial service is recorded at her death. Fresh-faced boys stare out of the 1907 choir photo- maybe one is Rossmore Abbott. Here is a copy of the service- the original did not scan well so the text is reproduced. So many services like these all over America and the United Kingdom, the topic being of prime focus for thousands of clergymen around the world. http://www.revdma2.com/Grace.html Col. Gracie's favorite hymn comes first, then Eternal Father Strong to Save.

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