Titanic replica to be called Titan If it is built


Jerry Nuovo

I know that it has been discussed to death concerning building and sailing a Titanic replica.And now there is a proposal to build a ship to be called Titan.There is a website http://www.sstitan.org that claims that the Titan's exterior would look like the Titanic's exterior probably with 4 funnels on top of the ship and that the ship will be the largest ocean liner ever built.The website says that the interiors of the Titan will be as luxurious as the 1st Class staterooms aboard the Titanic with the modern amenities today's passengers expect.There is a Joseph Ricker who is behind this proposal claims that the project is non-profit and that he has the wealthy investors already to donate their money.I of course have my doubts that this ship will ever be built.Any comments on this proposal to build this ship that claims that it is non-profit? Regards,Jerry
No contact details worth a second glance, Jerry. No registered office, no address, no accountants or lawyers, no concrete design proposals, no realistic time schedule, no 'partners' of substance, no financing except vague appeals - no ship. Largest liner in the world, with 4 funnels on top and so relatively few passengers?

It's very strange.
>>Any comments on this proposal to build this ship that claims that it is non-profit?<<

They're smoking much better stuff in their pipes then I am.
Is it me or does that website look suspiciously similar to the one that was around a few weeks back touting donations to refurb and make sea worthy The Queen Mary?
Is anyone else wondering about the name? The Titan sank in the book "Futility". People might not want to go aboard that ship.
Nope, it's not just you, Aidan. I noticed the same thing.

As for this proposal...groan, here we go again.
Some of the spiel looks familiar, especially the part about the ship starting out debt free.

I'll get interested when they pay H & W the 89 thousand pounds they are asking for an appraisal of the project. Why ask H & W anyway? It's Aker Yards or Fincantieri who know the modern scene.
>>especially the part about the ship starting out debt free.<<

Now I know they're smoking that wacky tabakkey if they believe they can make that happen.
Dave Gittins says "Why ask H & W anyway? It's Aker Yards or Fincantieri who know the modern scene".That comment does make a lot of sense especially since the last passenger ship built at the Harland & Wolff Shipyard is the P & O Ship Canberra which was launched in 1960 which is exactly 49 years ago.Regards,Jerry
If somebody were to build a full size working replica of the Titanic, and I would love to see that happen especially considering what year it is next year, what would they change from the original?
They would of course equip her with all the modern navigation and communication equipment there is, radar included. They would of course equip her with enough life rafts. That would not even take up as much deck space as 1912 life boats would have, I think.
They would probably build her using modern techniques, welding sections together instead of rivetting from the keel up.

They would probably want to power her with diesel engines, but if the deckplans were to be the same as the original, would that be possible? I mean if the bulkheads were to be in the same places as the original.
Or would it not be a Titanic replica if she was not a steamer?
Oops, sorry, did not notice the "Titanic 2" section of this message board.
I agree with those saying, a 100% accurate working replica would be close to impossible to operate today. Also she would be quite obsolete compared to todays cruise ships.
A dry docked replica with no engines or a building standing on the ground with for example E-deck and up would be great. That way you could walk the decks.

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Hello, I have also read a little bit about this S.S. Titan... I don't know it sounds a bit more promising than a lot of other Titanic dreamer's ideas, I mean it sounds like these guys have a lot of potential.
This is great what is not to like about the R.M.S. Titanic being redeemed after all these years