Titanic Reproduction Collectibles


Mar 28, 2012
I just recently ordered a reproduction rivet from Ireland and slowly expanding my collection. How ever I have a question about one item that I remember being referenced on here years ago but never heard anything more about it.

I was looking at a fullsize reproduction Harland and Wolff builders plaque. I know there was talk back in 2001 of one being made out of brass and supposedly would have a price tag of around $300. I how ever am looking for a steel one that would be cheaper but still a correct reproduction.

Has anyone ever come across a correct reproduction builders plaque that would have been seen on Titanic, or has anything ever came out of the brass ones that was in the works back in 2001?

Besides the builders plaque, if there are other reproduction Titanic collectibles aside from the dishes and glasses, I would greatly appreciate a response on this as well.

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