Titanic Role Playing Group


John Atkinson

If you are interested in role playing, there is a site in which we hold role plays. The first is beginning now, which will follow the voyage of April 1912. Later, new scenarios will be introduced set in different time periods, as if though she had not sunk in 1912. These will also have different sinkings, events, etc.

If you are interested, see the site here.

www wix.com/titanicroleplay/information-site

Please note that you must book a cabin available in the brochure only. The ones crossed off have already been booked so please choose one which is uncrossed.


John Atkinson

Its really nothing too fancy. Haha. I have held them a few years ago and they were really successful. Unfortunately all of the participants seemed to drift away eventually and the role plays died down but I am determined to get them up and running again.

There are still some 30 places left. Although I am not expecting that many participants! Hehe.

Adam Went

A few years back on another forum that I was (well, am) a member of, we did military role playing with pretend battles and division commanders and what not.....that was great fun although somewhat confusing to do over the internet. So it'd be interested and different as well to see how a Titanic one would be done. :)