Titanic sailed the ocean Blue



Hello Everyone,

I wanted to share a Titanic poem I typed up the other week. I know it has a couple mistakes but it is the first Titanic poem I have ever done. Let me know what you think.

Titanic Poetry

The Titanic sailed the ocean blue.

Across the North Atlantic to a place she would never make it to

She was the largest manmade movable object in all history

Titanic was called unsinkable

She was to be the last word in luxury

On April 10th, 1912 she out on her journey from Southampton

She had four days of a flat calm sea

Saturday, April 13th 1912 she starts hearing ice warnings

Around at least ten ice warnings would be ignored

Sunday, April 14th 1912 she speeds up to try and made headlines in New York and make up for lost time

Ice warnings go ignored

The Titanic sailed the ocean blue.

To a destination she would never reach

Sunday, April 14th 1912 11:30 P.M. there is a slight haze on the horizon noticed by lookouts?

At 11:40 P.M. “iceberg, right ahead”

She hits the iceberg side on and scrapes along the ship’s double bottom

She has two hours two and forty minutes to live

1,500 people will died

Titanic never made it to New York and still sits on the bottom of the ocean floor.

80 years later she is discovered split in half

100 years later a new ship that is to be an exact replica will follow the same path 104 years after the disaster

“She sails off into history”
Doug Criner

Doug Criner

Of course, there is something called "poetic license" - but many of the lines of your poem are incorrect, factually.