Titanic Ship of Dreams in Florida am I going bonkers

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Paul Lee

Aug 11, 2003
I recall that, the last time I visited "Ship of Dreams" in 2000, they had a very interesting exhibit. In the corridor leading to the gift shop (just outside the recovered artefacts section, and near Leonardo Di Caprio's costume from Cameron's film), they had, as my faulty memory struggles to remember, a very interesting sonar trace.

It showed a graph from one of Grimm's early 1980s quests, and it purported to show the wreck on the sea floor. I noted that the orientation was wrong - the two pieces should have been in a north-south orientation, and the distance between the two traces was wrong.

Am I going doolally? Was this really there? I did write to Ship to Dreams about it, but got no response at all from them (and not for the first time either!)

Best wishes

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