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Lars Lifvendahl

Hello everyone!
In a couples of weeks I'm off for London and I would like to know if there are any special Titanic sites I shouldn't miss.

Lars L.

Inger Sheil

Dec 3, 2000
Hallo, Lars -

If you listen to me (and no one sane ever does), the East End has the building where James Moody went to a Nautical cram school in 1911. I'm particularly fond of it because - along with the street where he lived at the time - it's just a few minutes walk from where I live. Other than that, there's the W T Stead memorial on Embankment (near where the Wellington is moored), Oceanic House (now a Mexican restaurant) and a few grave sites...I'd have to look them up in Brian Ticehurst's excellent summary of sites. There are a few other odds and ends...Archie Jewell's name on the monument to the Merchant Navy losses near the Tower of London, for example.

All the best,

May 12, 2005

You might want to whiz past Lennox Gardens in Knightsbridge, the townhouse of Sir Cosmo and Lady Duff Gordon between 1906-16. This quiet square with its gated private gardens reeks of Edwardiana - if you can visualize away all the modern cars pulled up along the curbs!

The particular house that belonged to the Duff Gordons, no. 22, when I last saw it (a year ago), had lace curtains and flowers in the window, much as it must have looked to the DGs when they returned home in 1912.

Also at the Victoria & Albert Museum there are two "Lucile" designs on permanent display in the costume gallery - a 1911 street suit and a 1912 evening dress (the original of the one illustrated by Marschall in the foldout of Lynch's book). The original is cream and black, though, rather than rose and black.

Have a great trip!


Martin Pirrie

Dec 30, 2000
A slightly more remote Titanic link is the present Spanish Embassy in London.

This was the London house of Lord Pirrie.

Martin Pirrie.

Lars Lifvendahl

Thanks for your help Inger, Randy and Martin!
I'm thrilled and I'll try to visit the sites as soon as I get to London! Better bring my camera...
I'm really looking forward to the BTS-convention, Geoff! That's the highlight of the year!
Yours truly,

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