Titanic Six Decades of Controversy


Logan Geen

I just found this cassette tape in my collection-it was produced in Halfix by "Between Ourselves" in the 1970s and contains out of date but still interesting information, including interviews with Leslie Reade, Eva Hart, Edith Russell, a recording of Captain Lord and the recordings of Second Officer Lightoller, among others. It is a very interesting tape. Does anyone else have or ever heard this tape?
(By the way my favorite TV documentary that really got me into the Titanic was Titanic: Death of a Dream, an A and E special. That documentary was probably the best I've ever seen)

Colleen Collier

Hi Logan and welcome aboard! RE: A&E. That A&E special did the same for me too. It was a bit expensive when it first came out, and I had to save for it, and think twice before buying it, but the quality and time spent on it made it worth every bit of the money spent. Which part, interview, or recollection do you think peaked your interest most to continue your desire to learn more?
The way they superimpose Ken Marschalls paintings and the old photos in the special, just brings the story to life in a way no other tape has captured. (That man has true artistic talent! I hope to meet him one day and tell him just that!)
If you go back and read some of the archives here, a conversation started regarding stories about the survivors, and the interview with Ruth Becker on this video came to light from someone who was there. He really gave a true feel for that part of the story line. Since he was so gracious to share it, that makes me all the more fond of the tapes.
Once again, welcome.

Logan Geen

I was most inspired to David McCullen's wonderful description of the incident that inspired my love for Titanic. Ruth Becker's story was one of my favorite ones. I didn't realize she had died when I saw the video though!

patrick toms

logan green has raised an interesting point about tapes of titanic there are lots of them.
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