Titanic Smokestack Vents Question




I have a question regarding the vents on the front and back of the smokestacks near the top. I was wondering if both the front and back vents where always on or not.

Or if it was only the vents on the rear of the smokestacks that where on. Now I know the vents on the back of the smokestacks were always on. As well as the vent from the middle of the fourth smokestack on the very top.

And that both the front and rear vents where on when they started venting the boilers after hitting the iceberg. But was both the front and rear smokestack vents always on or was it just the rear ones.

If anyone knows the answer to this then please let me know. I am guessing it was just the rear vents that were on while sailing and the front vents only came on when the steam was being vented from the boilers after the collision with the iceberg.

But I am just trying to make sure on this is all. I just need to be sure which is correct for my titanic mod I am making for gta san andreas since accuracy matters to me a great deal.

So please let me know the correct information regarding the vents on the smokestacks. As for the vents in question I have posted the link to a picture I have edited to show which vents I mean.

They are circled in red for the both the front and rear smokestack vents for all four smokestacks. I did this just to be on the safe side so you know what I am talking about. The link to the picture is below.

Thank you and Peace.