Titanic stateroom amenities


Will Jamison

Intetested in toothpaste, lotions, shampoos and various personal products used aboard. I am familiar with Vinola Soap, but would love to know about laundry detergent etc and if it can still be ordered.
Check out the forum archives in the 'life on board' section. Loads of relevant threads there.
What ingredient Vinola contains ?
Interesting question. Obviously the modern version of the soap (which you can still purchase occasionally at Caswell Massey) has a few extra ingredients that weren't even invented when the soap was first manufactured. However, the basic "recipe" is listed on the package. Tallow, glycerine, petrolatum (like Vaseline), mineral oil, boric acid and fragrance. The box itself refers to the soap as "Boracic & Cold Cream Bath Soap." Interestingly enough, Vinolia Otto Bath Soap was a product of the A&F Pears Ltd. in London. Grandson of the founder, Thomas Pears, and his family were aboard Titanic. Thomas Pears did not survive.
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In 1912 Vinolia and Pears were entirely separate companies, with a strong rivalry which extended to each attacking the other's products in their advertising. But this ended a few years later when both were taken over by the giant Lever Brothers corporation (now Unilever).