Titanic stern section wreck (circa 1986) model

Hi All,
This is my first post here as a member. I'd like to share a project I've been working on for some time now - a scratch build of Titanic's stern section as it looked in 1986. It's been a long term project and it's only entering it's final phase now, as I begin to build the wreckage for a diorama. Once this project is complete I'll be working on a companion build of the stern as it would have looked not long after the sinking. While I have tried to be as accurate as possible with this build, I'm sure there are probably a lot of mistakes...when I began the project many yrs ago there was only very limited info about the stern available...a situation which as far as I can tell hasn't changed much - I'd be grateful for any critiques, feel free to point out errors or areas for improvement. Where possible I will correct the model...
Titanic Wreck Stern Section Latest., Cian O'reilly
Titanic Wreck, Stern Section (Circa 1986) Overview, Cian O'reilly
Titanic Wreck, Stern Section (Circa 1986) Machinery Detail 01 - Reciprocating Engines., Cian O'reilly
Titanic Wreck, Stern Section (Circa 1986) Machinery Detail 02 - Low Pressure Turbine., Cian O'reilly
Titanic Wreck, Stern Section (Circa 1986) Machinery Detail 03 - Refrigeration Engines., Cian O'reilly
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Hi William,
The scale is approximately 1/145...the plans I used when I started this build many years ago were basically just the standard Harland and Wolff deckplans enlarged to as big as I could get them at the time. The engines are entirely hand built - basically folding, bending, cutting, sanding, layering plastic on top of plastic etc. The Turbine was a pain to build, lots of building up layers there, but each engine was built over the course of about a month...
Continuing to work on stern section Photogrammetry...in this clip we travel forward from Titanic's folded back Poop Deck all the way to her port engine - shrouded now in the wreckage of the decks above. Along the way we pass over the exposed D-Deck, from which virtually every feature - cabins, companionways etc - has been erased by the sinking, implosions during the fall to the sea floor and hydro-dynamic forces during the fall and impact;

Crushed, Cian O'reilly

Also, the other vids are now on youtube;