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Titanic Stern Wreck 3D

Discussion in '3D Models' started by Cian O'Reilly, Dec 11, 2018.

  1. Cian O'Reilly

    Cian O'Reilly Member

    Hi All,
    I've just posted some links to a model I built of the Stern Section of the Titanic wreck on the model forum, so I'd like to add these links here - I used Photogrammetry to scan the Hand Built model into a 3D model and produce these short sequences based on it. Hope you like them!
    Unsinkable, Cian O'reilly
    "Every inch an Ocean Queen", Cian O'reilly
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  2. Fantastic job! This is the most accurate portrayal of the stern post 1912 in a virtual environment! This even beats Titanic VR's stern which had to sacrifice some details for running smoothly
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  3. And i cant tell you how amazing this shot alone is, a dream come true. Keep up the great work!
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  4. Tim Aldrich

    Tim Aldrich Member

    Wow! That was amazing.
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  5. Hi Cian,

    I would like to ask you if you can guide me on where to get recent high resolution images of the Titanic wreck .

  6. Cian O'Reilly

    Cian O'Reilly Member

    This is the final installment of this series on Titanic. The compilation was suggested by the folks at Marmoset Toolbag when I did a breakdown article for them on the first of the clips...the last part is new and was done for this compilation;
    Feedback is welcome BTW, I'm moving on to other Titanic modelling projects but I'd like to know if there are any glaring inaccuracies.
  7. First off, i love the reference to the doc The Nightmare and the Dream.

    Second, this is one of the finest things i have ever scene come out of the Titanic Community, the detail and the views are things i have dreamed about for years. The love and care really shine well, while its a shame that this is the end of the road for the Stern, i eagerly wait for the next project!
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  8. Cian O'Reilly

    Cian O'Reilly Member

    Couldn't resist this one...while the previous movie was intended to be the last of the series in the Titanic's wrecked stern, I wanted to do something that emulated the blue tinted imagery of the ANGUS flyovers. This is not a new scene as such, it's a re-use of the previous black and white flyover scene...

  9. I love it!
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  10. Kurt Urbain

    Kurt Urbain Member

    That Angus filter is rad. I’ve always wanted to see more stern footage. I understand it’s dangerous exploring there, but it seems every documentary heads straight to the bow railing instead of showing something new.
  11. Cian O'Reilly

    Cian O'Reilly Member

    Cheers for the encouraging comments! There really is something about that documentary that captures the excitement and drama of those early days of discovery. I was 11 when she was found and 12 when this doc aired. I watched it boggle eyed and the music nailed it. But...even this left the stern relatively neglected and that's a trend that hasn't improved. It's a part of the ship that may disappear before we bget a true feel for what happened to it...
  12. Cian O'Reilly

    Cian O'Reilly Member

    Cheers Kurt...yes! I really think that the stern is neglected and one of the sad effects of this neglect has been - I think - to de-mystify the bow to the extent that it's becoming mundane. There's so much to learn from and about the stern and time is running out to do it.
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  13. Kurt Urbain

    Kurt Urbain Member

    I wouldn’t say I’m bored with seeing footage of the bow section, but the forecastle and anchors haven’t changed much since ‘85, and it’s what always gets focused on. I’ve always wanted to see more shots of the rudder and surrounding areas near the prop. Ken Marschall said in ‘01 they could make out a few ‘LIVERPOOL’ letters.