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Titanic stern wreck photos

Discussion in 'Titanic Models and Modelmaking' started by Tom Ryan, Aug 21, 2018.

  1. Tom Ryan

    Tom Ryan Member

    I am making a stern wreck model and since the TRMA page is no longer operational I have lost alot of references, so anybody that could link me to videos or photos to the stern wreck I would be very greatful.
  2. Harland Duzen

    Harland Duzen Member

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  3. Joe s

    Joe s Member

    Not working for me
  4. Harland Duzen

    Harland Duzen Member

    I'm sorry to hear that.
  5. It came up for me. Internet caches may be a little flaky.
  6. Tom Ryan

    Tom Ryan Member

    thank you for your help guys,





  7. Looking really good! Might be a alot to ask but could you post pictures of updates here on the model, its fantastic!
  8. Tom Ryan

    Tom Ryan Member

    Yeah sure no problem, ill try my best to post as i got along, thank for the feedback!
  9. Tom Ryan

    Tom Ryan Member

    Progress from today, added the blown away section of the D deck roof, the C deck wall over cargo hatch 6 and other destroyed walls and wreckage. Some pictures have a flashlight pointed in there to show the destruction of the walls on the inside.










  10. Looks great! Its interesting to see it deck by deck, to me its also interesting to see what was not structural compromised of the stern during the break-up, like below
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  11. Tom Ryan

    Tom Ryan Member

    Aw hell man, is that how it wouldve looked if nothing had collapsed in after hitting the ocean floor?
  12. Harland Duzen

    Harland Duzen Member

    For the stern to have maintained it's shape by the time it hit the sea floor, the stern would have needed to go down sinking aft and not forward to allow water to flow in and not leave any air bubbles that would compress and implode after the stern sunk to a certain depth.
  13. Tom Ryan

    Tom Ryan Member

    Its a shame it happened like that, only because it’s too dangerous to send ROVs to the stern, it would be a great memorial place to have along side of the bow, especially cause thats where many peoples last minutes on the ship were.

    Another question. Am I right thinking that the main reason all the walls, furniture etc are destroyed because of the rush of air teavelling through the ship as it went down, wiping all the walls and supports out?
  14. Yeah, i made a detailed 3d Model that break down every deck by deck where the ship is broken and the image is what was left of the stern when it hit the bottom, outside of several pieces draping over the stern like the boat deck
  15. Probably a combination of water, air and the the down blast, not to mention the stern back is broken and bent 10 degrees from the rotation
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  16. Harland Duzen

    Harland Duzen Member

    The stern might be dangerous for ROV's but it's also more obliterated and empty than the Bow which still contains intact cabins with furniture and crockery scattered about.

    Also on a slightly sadder note, because the stern housed mainly cargo and 3rd class* their accommodation was much simpler and not as luxurious and so from the view of TV companies planning or funding dives, there's less interest in searching the stern. Hence why there's so little footage of the Stern wreck.

    *Originally passenger accommodation was in the stern but White Star moved it to midship so 1st Class passengers would have reduced pitching and rocking from the sea. 3rd Class however weren't as lucky...
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  17. Tom Ryan

    Tom Ryan Member

    Holy hell dude thats really impressive, I dont want to sound rude but how accurate is it? Is it just speculation of physics of the break up and what got torn away? If you wouldnt mind, but is there any way I can view this 3D model?
  18. Tom Ryan

    Tom Ryan Member

    That does make alot of sense but it is a real shame there isnt more photos and videos to go off.
  19. James Cameron did in 2001 according to Ken M. try to explore lots of areas of the stern, for example the Turbine room but Jake and Elwood where too big. The 2005 Bots probably could have gotten into most areas of the stern But Jim assumed it would have collapsed so much by 05 that there would be nothing worthwhile to see.

    On Parks site Ken talks about this in depth but from the lights of the Mir 1 & 2 they did think they did see some paint on it still and other intact structures inside the ship through portholes