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Titanic Submersible Simulator

Discussion in 'Games CD Programs etc' started by Damian Jesus Infante Ledesma, Aug 29, 2010.

  1. Matt Pereira

    Matt Pereira Guest

    It does look like a good simulator. I wished there were more Titanic related simulators out there. With the graphics we have now can anyone imagine how realistic a game like "Titanic Adventure out of time" would be. Too bad that one "Survivor" game got cancled that sounded good where you were put in numerous disaster situations and had to survive. Titanic sinking was one of them.
  2. I totally agree. "Titanic: Adventure out of Time" should be re-edited. Let´s wait for the centenary to see what happens.
  3. Matt Pereira

    Matt Pereira Guest

    I say remake Adventure out of time but change it. Dont do the whole "time travel" thing nor mission. Just make it as a survival simulator where you book passage on the Titanic (one out of a few illfated ships) and you have the choice of helping others or being for yourself to save yourself.

    That is sorta like what the cancled game "Survivor" was to be and it was a great idea because you could explore and do as you want not bound by a "story" like Adventure out of time.

    But I wouldnt mind a remake of Adventure out of time if the graphcis could be upgraded and the ship actually sinks. That upset me when I finally after thousands of saves and thousands of crashes of the game I finally get to the sinking part and the forward bow is submerged and you see videos of the Titanic sinking but the ship never changes in game.

    If only we could get an historian to help with the making we could have things such as the E and D deck gangway doors opened up on the port side which after a certain time E and D deck prematurely floods as water pours in and down into the ship.

    But as you said all we can do is just wait and see what happens for the 100th anniversary.