Titanic survivor buried in NJ cemetery


Dennis Foley

Does anyone out there know of a Titanic survivor buried in a Christian (Catholic) cemetery in East Hannover, NJ?? Thanks. Dennis

Michael Findlay

Dear Dennis,

I suspect you are referring to the Gate of Heaven Cemetery in East Hanover? To the best of my knowledge, there are no Titanic survivors buried in that cemetery - which is quite large and is the final resting place for a large number of New Jersey Catholic residents of Passaic, Essex, Morris and Union counties.

The closest survivors buried to East Hanover are Karl Behr in Morristown and Mrs. Herman and her daughter Alice in Bernardsville. A fair number of other survivors are buried in Newark as well.

Of course, not all of the Titanic survivors have been traced. Members of Annie Jermyn's family claim she relocated to New Jersey after leaving the Boston area after the Titanic disaster. Nobody knows what became of her - since it is not known if she married the man she ran off and whom the family didn't approve of.

She may very well be there but without additional details, it's impossible to say.

Michael Findlay

Mark Baber

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I just saw this thread after many years of its being dormant, and don't know if either Dennis or Mike still visit.

In any event, there is a survivor buried in East Hanover, although not in Gate of Heaven. Steward John Hardy is buried in the non-sectarian Restland Memorial Park there. See John Hardy : Titanic Survivor