Titanic Survivor mirror,


Apr 20, 2012
I posted an ad yesterday with my personal email addresses for this mirror that was manufactured 105 yrs ago by the Tyler and Hippach glass company of Chicago. It was an item i picked up at a yard sale. The date of manufacture clearly stamped on the back reads: TYLER and HIPPACH September 26, 1907. when i started researching the names on the mirror i was totally surprised when i entered the Hippach name to the browser bar. since then I've uncovered all, or most of the information about the rescue of both Ida and her daughter Sophia by the millionaire John Jacob Astor, who then got the "last two women onto the last life boat" (no.4), It is also known by those who know, that both Ida and Sophia bought the last two !st class tickets in Cherbourg, England. the mirror has an oak frame, is 21 1/2" x 21 1/2", hangs from a corner, has no cracks or chips. it can be viewed on Craigs List posting under antiques for sale by owner. in the Eugene, Oregon Craigs list. i have had this mirror on this post before, more than once, but Craigs list removed the ad every time as all the prospective buyers were offering to send ups or some other shipper and give me forged money orders or bank drafts. none of those ever bothered to call me personally on my phone. i will post my email address on this forum as well as my personal cell phone number, as i believe this forum is a forum of honesty and integrity, as are all who use this site. i will post on Craigs list later today pictures of the mirror, and anyone interested in purchasing it may then contact me.
sincerely, robert gambetti........ [email protected] 541-606-5986