Titanic survivor obituaries



I hope this thread is in the right place, if not I'm sorry..

Anyways, I'm wondering what Titanic survivor obituaries are worth, if anything??

I've got an obituary from Marshall Drew, when he died. It's got a mention/article about him and the Titanic. A good friend of my grandmother's, her husband had Marshall Drew as his teacher in highschool, and when he found out what a Titanic fan I am, he gave the obituary to me. While I never plan on selling it, I was just wondering if it was worth something, especailly considering there is an article mentioning Titanic in it....
Hello, Rosie dear! This is indeed the right place. However, the obituary is only valuable to others like ourselves who are Titanic enthusiasts and the value would only be what we might be interested in paying.

Your old pal, Kyrila
I believe Kyrila has got it quite right, it would be worth as much as what we would be willing to pay for a piece of Titanic/passenger memrobilia, which could actually be quite high.

I was wondering something on Titanic obituaries myself...but not how much they're worth. I was wondering were to find when and how the survivors died for a book I'm writing. Anybody got any ideas on how I could go about doing that?

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Bridgette, have a look through the individual entries in the biographies section of this site. A lot of those have links to obituaries and even death certificates. You're more likely to find them for the First Class passengers, many of whom had enough celebrity status in their own right to merit coverage of their deaths in at least a local newspaper.
DEAR ROSIE: Today I read east message and I ask to him as it is the obytuario because I am nephew of Marshall Drew. Thanks for the aid.
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