Titanic Survivor Passport Photographs

David Paris

Mar 27, 2008
I've just stumbled upon the most wonderful collection of 119 passport photographs of Titanic survivors. I'm not sure if this is old news but as they appear to have been uploaded in July 2008 and I haven't seen any mention of them here on the boards I thought I'd share the link with you all. Some wonderful surprises - many passengers we don't often see and even some I have never seen previously.


Though most of them appear terribly grim (these are afterall passport photographs!) there's some lovely surprises - a smiling Richard and Sallie Beckwith, Marian Thayer still looking youngish and graceful in 1924, and two of the Ryerson children as teens (Susan is the splitting image of her mother Emily)


Mar 18, 2008
Thank you David! Very interesting!
If I remember right the Titanic International Society was having a report with some of these pictures some time ago. Of course not all the pictures were shown.

Holly Peterson

WOW! What great pics! I was just looking around the boards and happened to stumble across this, leading me to, as Marshall says, a gold mine of great photos! About ten minutes before we had to leave our hours to go visit relatives in a city four hours away, I was elated to discover long-sought-after pics of Georgette Madill, Mary Lines and Laura Cribb. However, I was less than elated to be booted off the computer and into the car. Fortunately, I was able to persuade my dad to bring the laptop in the car so I could use it once we got to our relatives'.

Thank you for being so considerate as to post the link! It really made my day!

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