Hildo Thiel

Nov 5, 2000
Hello All,

I have a questio

Hello All,

I have a question about a picture on page 131 of Judith Geller's "Titanic: Women and Children first. Any idea who the two women on the left on the picture are? And who is the girl standing on the left side of Master Meyer Moore? The others on the picture are mentioned as Master Meyer Moore, Mrs. Bella Moore, Mrs. Leah Aks and Master Aks and Mrs. Jane Quick and Winnie and Phyllis Quick.



Gianni Yrois

Aug 17, 2011
yes thats a very interesting question.

The girl in front could be Virgina Emanuel, so the women
in the back of the girl could be Elizabeth Dowdell.
For the younger women, left. She could be Velin Ohman, Berta Nilsson, Jennie Drapkin
(i think that the women is a third class passenger) Ellen Shine or Erna Andersson. Its not Olga Lundin ( i have a photo of her and she looks different). Its not Mary Abrahim, Bannura Ayyub, Fatima Mousselmanni, Silana Yazbak. Of the english women whe had many photos, so
she is not Amy Stanley, Emily Badman, Sarah Roth.
From Senan Molonys book whe had many photos of the irish
survivors of the titanic. But there is not a women who looked like the young girl.


Oct 24, 2017
actuallly, they are Banoura Ayoub and Shawneene Whabee and the girl is possibly the eldest child of Latifa Baclini

robert warren

Feb 19, 2016
Hello all. I posted this question here some time ago but never got a response- I don't think it was the right thread. Anyway some years back I got a book called Images Of America which has photos from 1840-1940 and two of these were purported to be Titanic survivors aboard the Carpathia.These photos struck me since in all my years, books, research etc, I have NEVER seen them.The first shows several ladies in the coats and hats of the period, the one to the right looks like she has some coins attached to her coat. They are standing in an area very similar to the one the Fenwicks had their photo taken.The next shows a group of women with a little girl in white holding a large doll.Again they are wearing the long woolen coats and hats we've all read and expected survivors to wear upon leaving the Titanic.The sources page in the back of the book doesn't give any detailed references where these photos came from.Anyone out there familiar with these photos?Or the book itself?

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