Titanic Survivors news Millvina Dean

Brian J. Ticehurst

Brian J. Ticehurst

Wednesday 1st December 2004

News of Titanic Survivor Millvina Dean
Just to say that I am happy to pass on Millvina's Best Wishes and Seasons Greetings to you all.
My wife and I had Morning Coffee with her and Bruno today and we found her in great form.
Unfortunately she is not all that mobile and needs two sticks and assistance to get about but was most cheerful, bright and happy. We spent a very pleasant morning with her.
Very best regards - Brian J. Ticehurst - Southampton UK.
Thank you for that wonderful news, Brian.

It's always great to hear about Millvina; such a great lady. Knowing Millvina, she won't let problems with her legs dampen her overall enthusiasm.
Brian, thanks for passing this on. I hope you'll pass on our best wishes in return.
Thank you for the terrific news Brian, always good to see your posts. I'm very glad to hear that Millvina is in good spirits and as Mike said, please do give her our best for the season.

Best regards,

Thanks Brian for the update on Millvina. I hope her and Bruno have a very Merry Christmas. Darren
Hello Brian! Save is very good the news of Millvina. Please deletion mark to her my desires of happy celebrations from my distant Argentina country. Such desires are for you.
Thanks and know to excuse my ingles
Best wishes to Millvina, Barbara West, and Lillian Asplund.

Merry Christmas, Ladies. May the New Year be a Joyous one, for all of you.
My desires of Merry Christmas to Millvina and all in ET.Sorry by my ingles
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As of this post Miss Millvina Dean is the last living survivor of the Titanic. At only a couple of months old on 15 April 1912 she wouldn't recall the sinking.
An era has almost gone away.
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