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Piecing together this huge jigsaw puzzle on the Relief Fund is becoming an occupational hazardous. The same goes when I am delving with my own research as I vigorously keep to a regime on how I was taught many years ago - Leave no stones unturned!

To think if I hadn't gone upstairs to my little room on that Sunday afternoon with the intentions of meddling about with the pages of the Relief Fund, and found the entry of this solicitor's office in Southampton, this milestone almost did become a stone unturned.

I won't beat about the bush because last Thursday the 14th of May 2009, the notification from Lamport Bassitt as they like to be known today was delivered, and the news I am afraid to say, isn't looking all that good.

In-retrosepct, I don't want to give the impression that I sound rather prejudiced towards the German people, or the German nation as a whole, but I am afraid to say the actions of the Luftwaffe doesn't exactly help matters here.

During the approaching winter months of 1940, most of Britain's commercial Town's, Cities and Port's were prime targets for the Luftwaffe. Liverpool, Bristol, Plymouth, Birmingham, Belfast and Southampton, there was no exception to the rule book here, as they all suffered London's ordeal.

Back in 1912 though, this solicitor's office was originally known as Lamport, Bassit & Hiscock. They were registered at number 154 Above Bar Street, which is the main commercial centre of Southampton.

In 1940 Southampton suffered two major air raids - Saturday the 30th of November, and Sunday the 1st of December, both combined raids caused immense damage. As for Lamport, Bassitt & Hiscock were not so fortunate, they, like most, didn't escape the ferocity of the firebombs. Once the authorities gave the all clear, the next task was to salvage as much as the could. For this company alone, there was noting to salvage as the whole lot was burnt to a cinder.

I regret to say I can offer no more. The only means of proof I can provide as a form of confirmation is the web-site of the company, as you will see for yourselves, the evidence doesn't speak volumes, the evidence speaks for itself.


Andrew Williams
United Kingdom.
Feb 10, 2008
As I researched the Mansion Fund relief money paid out to families of Swedish Titanic victims, I noticed that the bereaved families in Sweden received compensation, but not family members living in the U.S. Does anyone know why?

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Hello Lilly -- and welcome to the message board.

All the 'Letter Files' for that era are gone as the bulk of them were all destroyed during a clear out at Woolley & Waldron in Southampton. Woolley & Waldron were the main accountants acting on the behalf of the old Southampton Committee.

As oppose to the Relief Fund, this scheme was purely set up to assist the widows and orphans in the U.K. With the absence of so much material, I cannot provide you with a satisfactory answer. Unless some one in the U.S. has recently discovered a new lead and wishes to share their findings with us, this question is left wide open for debate.

Regrettably I have nothing else to offer.