Titanic The Danish Stories

Dear ET members,

Thanks to many of you on this board, my book "Titanic - The Danish Stories" will publish on the centennial day, April 15, 2012.
I'm so thankful for all the people who tirelessly answered my never ending questions. The end result is a book with an abundance of info on the Danish passengers, their life, background and dreams, - never published before. The book will be in Danish first, but an English edition is in the works. For now, you can get a taste of all the stories (updates in both English and Danish) on our Facebook site:


Thanks again for all your support!
And now, there's also a YouTube film from Danes.TV about our book:

"Hear the dramatic story (with English subtitles) of 19-year old Karla Andersen's night on Titanic as told by one of the book's co-authors, Mette Hjermind McCall. A sample of our book's many narratives of the Danes aboard Titanic. And see some of the illustrations accompanying Karla's experience the night of April 14-15 1912." http://youtu.be/1nXag_V326I