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Dec 29, 2006

In Valencia (Spain) there is a great exhibition, in the City of the Arts and Sciences which is located on the lower part of the Umbracle garden area and will form part of the Science Museum exhibition for one year to 30 March 2008.

The exhibition is divided into three main categories: original objects recovered from the shipwreck and donated by some of the survivors; the story of the ship as researched by the historian C.G. Wetterholm and told through the different spaces of the sample; and reproductions of parts of the Titanic, in such a way that the visitor can get to know the large flight of steps of the prow, the watertight doors, a first-class and a third-class cabin, and one of the propellers.

There are objects that until now have not been on exhibit in any other place such as the automobile-boat-bus that had to transport the Titanic on its return journey, the medal that Molly Brown gave to the captain of the Carpathia - the rescue boat that saved the survivors - as a present, or the tuxedo of the Spanish multi-millionaire Ví­ctor Peñasco. Moreover, the exhibition also has an iceberg of some two metres in height by seven metres wide, the largest to be put on exhibit to date.

“Titanic, The Exhibition” takes the visitor back to 1912 and the true story of this magnificent ship from official declarations of survivors and technical and scientific details obtained after its remains were located in 1985.

If you can go, you will enjoy.
It's wonderful!

Best wishes

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