Titanic The Musical makes berth in Hertfordshire, April 14th 2012.

Kier Home

Apr 3, 2012
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APRIL 14TH 1912 — On a moonless night, RMS Titanic strikes an Iceberg in the Atlantic Ocean, four days from beginning her maiden voyage. Within two hours, she vanishes beneath the ocean, taking over 1,517 souls with her.

APRIL 14TH 2012 — Leading performers from local companies will take to the stage to mark the 100th Anniversary of the tragic sinking of RMS Titanic with a special Gala Concert Performance of Titanic the Musical.

In the 100 years following the disaster, Titanic’s fate has become iconic and the loss of the ‘unsinkable’ ship is one of the most famous landmarks in history. A century later, hours before the Titanic strikes the Iceberg and sets the fatal story we know so well into motion, The Concert Hall of the Gordon Craig Theatre will play host to this musical tribute to the story of the legendary Titanic, successfully staged in the popular style epitomised by recent anniversary performances of Les Miserables and Chess.

Join us as we follow the lives of Titanic’s crew and passengers celebrating her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York and discover why Titanic was known to so many as the ship of dreams! Titanic the Musical is a show that looks deeper into the private stories of a handful of the thousands of people on board, adding a human touch to the famous tragedy we have come to know. With invigorating and exciting optimism, you’ll board Titanic at Southampton and share in the overflowing anticipation of the promise of great new beginnings before revelling in the luxury of the ship’s first class decks. As the musical covers four days at sea, everyone will be swept along with stories of ambition, dreams of new lives, hopes for love and romance and the bright promise of a new life for all. As the show draws near to the climactic ending, bear witness to the shining examples of love, nobility and unity that overarches the tragic ending of the floating city that was Titanic. With an uplifting ending that will send you away with the same sense of hope that people felt as they boarded the incredible ship of dreams, you’ll never forget your evening with us aboard the Titanic.

Winner of 5 Tony Awards including Best Musical and Best Orchestrations, Titanic the Musical is filled with music that will have you soaring on waves of emotions you never thought you’d feel for the tragic material. With a 22 piece orchestra and a remarkable cast of talented performers, the show is as musically powerful and impressive as the ship it is based upon. Everything about this musical lives up to its namesake, from its emotional impact to the overwhelmingly beautiful and powerful score; the show is truly titanic in scale.

Starting at 20:00 and costing £15 per person, booking is on a limited scale with tickets numbering close to the number of people who survived that fateful night. This is a one-night only performance, as unique as the original incident. Don’t delay, call 01438 363 200 to book now and ensure your place among those few people lucky enough to bear witness to the awesome experience of Titanic the Musical and share in a historic centennial tribute to the most dramatic event of the 20th Century.

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