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Dear All

I'm just posting on behalf of the Trowbridge Amateur Operatic Society (TAOS), in Wiltshire, England.
We are currently rehearsing the 1997 Titanic - the Musical to be performed in the town from 23-27 May 2006. For those of you who've heard of or seen the show, I'm sure you're aware of how great it is (hopefully). And those who haven't, it really is a treat.
The crew and first class passengers involved in the show's plot are all based on genuine passengers, light relief is provided by a pair of fictional couples, and third class Irish passengers are a mix of fact and fiction.
The show is not related to the film, so I can promise no prow-flying, Celine Dion warbling and naked painting (sorry if that disappoints).
Instead it demands skilled singing from a large chorus, in a far-from-easy semi-operatic style (along the lines of Les Miserables in some ways).

Anyway, to get to the point of this posting, anyone who would be interested in seeing the show would be more than welcome to come along. Our society website, with a detailed synopsis, is at www.trowbridgeops.co.uk. Tickets can be purchased through contacts on the website, or by calling Trowbridge Tourist Information Centre on 01225 710535.
We do hope some Titanic buffs will join us to celebrate the show and the amazing story of the Ship of Dreams. As an added incentive there will be a prize draw to win a piece of wood from sister ship the Olympic which has been donated by a local auctioneers, which specialises in Titanic memorabilia!
Thanks for reading,
Publicity officer for TAOS
Any parts left in this here play?

I auditioned for a musical recently - the producers liked what they saw and called me back almost immediately, and I'm thinking of making a career out of this sort of thing.

Inger Sheil

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Sorry to be so long replying - I'm a net dud and couldn't find the message I posted! Unfortunately the show's just been fully cast - with five weeks to go so pretty tight! I don't suppose you'd have wanted to travel to Wiltshire twice a week for rehearsals either.
But if you'r interested in getting tickets contact us through the website listed, www.trowbridgeops.co.uk.
Hope to see you there!
I just have to say that if you didn't make it to Wiltshire in May, you missed a PHENOMENAL show. The three Kates in particular were fabulous...
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