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Titanic The Psychic And The Sea

Discussion in 'Titanic Books' started by Stuart Reeves, Nov 18, 2004.

  1. Stuart Reeves

    Stuart Reeves Member

    I have a clipping from the Daily Mail, dated September 22nd, 1981.
    It refers to "...a new American book investigating apparent premonitions about the real-life liner {Titanic}."
    In the book, the author (Rustie Brown?) tells how "a young man named Charles Louch had his photograph taken."
    "He presented it to a friend, who stuck it in an album - next to a painting of ship surrounded by icebergs. Twenty years later, Louch was one of the passengers who went down with the Titanic."
    Can anyone confirm that this book exists? I`m a little bit dubious, to say the least - given the name of the author ... Rustie Brown!!
  2. Stuart

    This Book Exist. For More info Visit Titanicbooksite.com

    Click Author Pages and Look in B section and Click on Rustie Brown.

    That Should be Helpful As The Site Is The best There Is When It Comes To Titanic Books.
  3. Hello Stuart,

    Yes Rustie was a real person and wrote "The Titanic, The Psychic And The Sea". She was a friend of Titanic survivor Winnie [Edwina Trout] McKenzie. Mr & Mrs Louch had seats at the same table in the Dining room as Winnie.
  4. Stuart Reeves

    Stuart Reeves Member

    Thankyou Jesse!
    This is a book I should very much like to read - it is the area that most interested my father. He was in regular correspondence with the Society for Psychical Reseach, re the Titanic and other things, right up to the time of his death in 1982.
  5. Rustie also wrote The Mariner's Trivia Book and before her untimely death, a book on her passion- lighthouses. She loved to cruise, and knew many of the Cunard captains whom she met while sailing the high seas with her husband Howard and lovely daughter. She was a great gal, and sorely missed by many. All these titles are found easily on ABE, Bookfinder, or Bibliofind.
  6. Stuart Reeves

    Stuart Reeves Member

    Thanks again Lester!
    Thankyou Shelly - very much appreciated!!
    Kind Regards,
  7. Terry Keefe

    Terry Keefe Member

    I have been unable to discover the year of Rustie Brown's death. Can you tell me when that was? Thanks, Terry Keefe