Titanic The Ship Magnificent

Has anyone been able to get a copy of this book? I tried late last year via Amazon.co.uk and they kept pushing the shipping date out. I finally cancel the order and replaced the order through Amazon.com - who has pushed the shipping date out again. Both the US as well as the UK sites say that the book is available, but I'm having my doubts. The same applies to Janette McCutcheon's new book: White Star Line: A Photographic History. Again, both sites say they are available, but the shipping date keeps getting pushed out.

Again, both sites say they are available, but the shipping date keeps getting pushed out.

From what I know, the Beveridge book is not available yet. However, you can rest assured that it will be well worth it when it is published.

With regard to the Amazon (and other online) dates, I know from my own experience that they may not reflect reality. I once saw a date that did not seem to have any basis in fact.

I don't think you need to worry about them -- it's my understanding that both books *will* be published, it's just a question of when. There are inevitable delays in the publishing industry. As I've said, I'm sure the Beveridge book -- indeed, both books -- will be well worth the wait.

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Amazon.uk went ahead and canceled my order. I have to presume from this that there's some sort of delay. Perhaps Bruce or Steve may want to speak to this. Whatever the case may be, I'm as certain as Mark is that the book will be well worth the wait. The research done by the team of Beveridge and Hall is first rate!

Amazon.uk went ahead and canceled my order. I have to presume from this that there's some sort of delay.

Not at all. As I understand it, they can only hold credit card/payment details for pre-orders for a certain amount of time according to UK law. I once had an order cancelled owing to that problem, even when the book I had ordered was published on schedule. I think what's more likely is that the initial date given was far too optimistic.


I'm as certain as Mark is that the book will be well worth the wait. The research done by the team of Beveridge and Hall is first rate!

Agreed -- and the final words of your two sentences form a rhyme!

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According to the publisher, Tempus, Bruce & Steve's book will be released in November.

Mike, Amazon.uk cancelled my order as well; apparently they will hold an open order for only so long. I just went ahead and reordered it.

While we're on the topic, Tempus also told me that another looooong awaited title, The White Star Line a Photograhic History is going to be released sometime this month. We shall see!

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Hi guys,

Yes, I'm sorry, I blew a good four deadlines. I hope that the book will be ready for Christmas. It is being copy edited now and checked for technical accuracy by my team, but the text is done.

Thanks for the kind words also,


Steven Hall

This will be a book that anyone interested in Titanic will want in their collection. The endless amount of research and time gone into it simply cannot be measured.
The bar has now been lifted.


Scott R. Andrews

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Bruce, don't beat yourself up over those missed deadlines.

To all,

Having been involved in this project myself, I feel confident in stating that the enormity of the task which has been taken on here has simply caused everyone on all sides of this project to repeatedly and royally under-estimate the amount of time and work required to complete any portion of this book. My personal feeling is that even if everything could be handed over to the publisher at this very instant, even a Christmas release would still be a bit too optimistic. I say this because, even though the people at Tempus have seen portions of the manuscript, and have been shown some of the illustrations which will accompany the text, and even though they have been given warning that this book will be a BIG task for them to complete, I am 100% certain that they still haven't got a firm grasp on just what will be coming their way. And, to be fair, how could they? At this point, even those of us working on this project at times still find ourselves overwhelmed by the scope of the thing. Just last evening, in an email to Bruce and myself, Art Braunschweiger, who has been putting in many hours on the editing and proofreading, noted his amazement at the fact that the chapter which he had almost finished checking, which deals with the interior joinery, spanned over 75 pages -- and mind you, this is as a MS Word document with single-spaced 10 point text -- not a document printed in a larger font and double-spaced for hand-marking, or one formatted to approximate the way the pages will appear in print -- nor did this total include the photographs, drawing figures and captions which accompany that chapter!

Without going into specifics, it is fair to say that nothing on this order of detail has been attempted for the Titanic, nor for any other single ship that I'm aware of. None of the articles published in the contemporary trade journals or technical press come anywhere close to describing the ship at the level of detail being presented here. In fact, this book would have been several magnitudes easier to produce if it had been limited to "only" the level of detail presented in the books of Conway's famous "Anatomy of the Ship" series.

Scott Andrews
Thank you, all, for the information. I guess my question is why Amazon (either UK or US) can't change the word AVAILABLE to NOT PUBLISHED YET - WOULD YOU LIKE TO PRE-ORDER? Either way, given the above, I'm looking forward to the book more than ever. Amazon US put a notice on my WHERE'S MY STUFF ORDER PAGE saying that they needed my permission to extend the order - which I agreed to by selecting the link provided. Had I not checked on my order, they would have canceled it in due time. As it is, they are saying that delivery is now the first week of October - so I very much thank Bruce and Scott for the information regarding a possible Christmas date. It sounds like this is going to be a great book. Regards to All -
>>The bar has now been lifted.<<

Steve, from Bruce and yourself, I would expect no less. From what Scott has said, it looks to me like you two have been working with the varsity squad of Titanic techies to make this happen. I'm looking forward to this one!
Hi Everybody,

The book of Bruce has a new cover and the plan of hahn' S will be in entirety behind the book.

Soon or in December 2006 or April 2007.

I post the Link or it speaks about its exit soon.




Hi guys, thanks for the kind words.

I spoke to the publisher, and it is not possible to have it ready for December. We hope to have it out early after the first of the year. As for what Amazon has been doing, I have no control over this at all. I told the publisher that he needs to add another name to the co-authors, and that Amazon has the nationalities of the co-author's screwed up. Apparently this is handled by the US branch of Tempus, and as it is going now, the cover art may change again depending on a few factors, one of which being of it is needed to print this work in two volumes.

I'm really sorry for this, as it is entirely my fault. I blew a lot of deadlines, and the publisher of course needed a date(s) for his end of it, and I blew those also. So - this book was literally revealed to the public too early. The publisher did state that he is being tolerant of the lateness because he is fully aware that this work will be very important to the Titanic community, and that it will be unmatched in way of technical studies of this ship.

I have been working on this for more then two years, and the work has grown into a tome of information. I, my team, and contributors are going to share with the rest of you, everything we can possibly let loose from our collections, and our accumulative years of work in this field.

The way I look at it, it doesn't make me any more valuable in this subject by sitting on what I have learned. The only way to truly add to the history of this subject is to release the information to the public and hope that it makes it to the next generations of enthusiasts. I hope no-one will be disappointed when it does finally arrive.

Thanks Bruce for all the hard work that you, Scott and Steve are putting into this. You are so right about contributing to the history by releasing information and adding the proper context and interpretation behind it. I wish more people looked at it that way. After 94 years of waiting, what's a few more months. As I like to say, don't rush it, just get it right.