Titanic The Ship Magnificent

Dec 2, 2000
Easley South Carolina
>>I don't think anyone cares to see the plans and schematics for the Kelvin motorized sounding machines.<<

You might be surprised, but I think for most people, it would be enough to know what they looked like, what they did, and how they worked.

>>this book will be my swan song in a way.<<

I hope not. This work sounds like it's going to be the work that techies everywhere have been dreaming of for years. (I suspect that the people I'm running around with will be jumping at the chance to get it.) However, I can see why you would need a break from all of this.

Dieter Klimow

Sep 24, 2006
I see that every publication must be tailored for an intended audience, and leaving some special details out may be necessary to achieve this.
But I disagree when Bruce suggests that nobody 'cares to see the plans and schematics for the Kelvin motorized sounding machines'.
For my part, I would like to see every possible bit and piece of information, although much might appear unimportant or uninteresting to some.
Hopefully the details that do not find their way into this book will be published some day, I feel that I am not the only one who can not get enough.
I will buy the book when it is ready, and I am looking forward to it.

Matt Pereira

Wow, I thought I could do a topic under this section didnt know it was a topic itself.

Anyways I am wondering if theres any places that offer signed copies of Vol I & II.

This guy I've been talking to on this other forum I'm on (automotive based) asked if I knew a guy by the name of Scott Andrews and that he works with him and he said that he might be able to get the books signed if I get them.

Just wondering if there was a place to get them signed already.

James Garrett

Sep 24, 2011
Metro Detroit, Michigan
I recently purchased both volumes of this massive work and I am a bit surprised that there are not more comments about it. It is the most detailed description by far of the ship (as if anyone who has read it wouldn't know that) and it looks to be a great reference for the model builder as well. Its the Book Magnificent!

Steven Hall

Dec 17, 2008
For 2012, The publisher is producing Limited edition (250) leatherbound slip-cased set. This special leather slip-cased box set edition will contain both volumes (hand signed by all authors) with an expected price of £212.50 per set.
Art is now listed as one of the authors.
Titanic The Ship Magnificent LE 2012

Matt DiTullio

Jun 2, 2008
Just ordered the book off of Amazon and loved it. It was everything I hoped for and more. The pictures are fantastic! Well worth the price and highly recommended for anyone interested in the interior design.

James Garrett

Sep 24, 2011
Metro Detroit, Michigan
I was re-reading sections of these two volumes recently and the cumulative effect of all that detail was to make me sad. I would not have thought that a technical book such as this that does not tell the story of the sinking would have any emotional impact at all. While I have often thought of the many passengers, officers and crew that lost their lives on April 15, 1912, this book also demonstrates in its massive detail the craftsmanship and the man-hours that went into building and furnishing the Titanic. That all that time and effort was sent to the bottom of the Atlantic because of a confluence of unusual circumstances is just stunning.

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