Titanic The Tragedy Through Art

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Jun 12, 2004
Very inspirational, Matthew, and very well-done!

If you will allow me one suggestion on the first: Perhaps more images of the ship's interior, such as the GS, saloons, smoking rooms and/or cabins. After all, the presentation is called 'Ship of Dreams," so why not show more of the ship?

Of course I do realize that this might be a sample and that this is a constantly developing project. Additions are always being considered. Just thought I'd offer some input.
Feb 6, 2005
The reasoning for the lack of interior for the first video was purely because I was planning on showing the rooms in different 1st, 2nd, and 3rd class segments. I scraped this idea because I wanted to focus in the events.

The idea of the ship of dreams was I simply wanted to covey a ship that would give off an elegant peacefulness as it conquered the sea. It also saved up for greater impact for when I finally showed recognizable interiors for the second video.

I'm saving the splendor for the sinking. ;)

Alexander John Cooley

very nice. It is kinda cool on how you got the Titanic Adventure out of time songs in there too.
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