Titanic The Unsinkable Ship

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Kim Robin Edwards

Kim Robin Edwards

What people believed in 1912.
Was a myth in the truth,placed on a shelf.
Was the unthinkable,unsinkable.
The fourty six thousand gross tons of steal.
Would never kneel or break its bow.
The ship could never sink or rust.
Was rumor going round,we all could trust.
The crowd showed up to celebrate.
As the ship was christened to show its fate.
But The White Star Line was cruising fine.
When it hit a berg,under a darkened sky.
There it lie,with many to cry.
At the bottom of the sea she'll die.
They said the Titanic could never sink.
Their opinion a myth,now she's on the brink.
With fourty six thousand gross tons of steal.
The voyagers finished their final meal.
To the bottom of the ocean they went.
A many to cry,while she made her descent.
The Titanic was a ship in trouble.
But now a myth,and a pile of rubble.
At the bottom's where she made her grave.
A sigh of relief,for the lives they saved.
To the rescue,and on the double.
Titanic was a ship in trouble.
Her maiden voyage,now turn the page.
Thousands of people,in a fit of rage.
The news it read that we all should mourn.
The Titanic's passengers,their lives were torn.
A myth of truth placed in the news.
The unsinkable ship..Would never lose..

Titanic (The Unsinkable Ship):
by Kim Robin Edwards
Copyright 2009,2011
All Rights Reserved.