Titanic Tidbits in Print Newspapers

Apr 11, 2001
While scanning the Toronto Daily Star's major coverage, I find there are small snippets of information I never knew before, not always about the ship itself or passengers. Maybe this can be a thread to collect these small gems. Here are a few to start from the April 20th final edition.
"April 20, London-The Prince of Wales today contributed $1250 to the Titanic funds from his personal funds." "London, April 20-Mrs. Ava Willing Astor, mother of Vincent Astor, has decided to proceed to New York to be with her son. She will sail at the earliest possible moment." "New York: Colonel Astor's Old Butler a Hero- In the roster of Titanic's heroes the name of R. Robbins should appear. He was Col. Astor's old butler and like the Colonel's valet, always traveled with him. He is numbered among the Titanic's dead. Faithful unto death was Kitty, Col. Astor's Airedale terrier, constant companion on land or sea who was never far from her master's heels and the two were familiar figures on Fifth Avenue. When the crash came, Robbins went below and brought Kitty up on deck. There, the most faithful of friends stood beside her master while the sea embraced them and now shares his grave." This last one brings a tear to my eye as today I had to put down my old terrier Percywags. His mother was named Kitty Astor, and had to be put down about 9 months ago. What an image to think of J.J. not alone at the end after all.

Julie Dowen

May 12, 2004
Here is an interesting snippet waiting approval for A-Z. I thought that I could share it here too!

The Evening Post
May 2, 1912

Titanic Moving Pictures Barred in Bridgeport

Bridgeport, Conn.- Superintendent of police Birmingham yesterday issued an order prohibiting the exhibition of so-called Titanic pictures in moving picture theaters here. One local theater had advertised such an exhibition yesterday. Supt. Birmingham declares that such pictures are "palpably fakes" and he takes the stand also that "unnecessary recalling of such a horror is demoralizing".

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