Titanic Tragedy God Speaking To The Nations by Alma White

Any opinions on the 1912 book "The Titanic Tragedy- God Speaking To The Nations" by Alma White? I found her to be a nasty bigot who used to Titanic disaster as an excuse to spread her venom...

Odd thing about her book- it was published in a variety of colors- Brown,Green,red,black,blue,etc..

There was a 1945 reprint too...

A nasty Titanic book, but worth having, as it came out in 1912...

tarn Stephanos
Tarn, as you know, I agree with your assessment of Alma White's book completely, and then some! it is religious bile of the worst kind.

and just to show you that the more things change, the more they stay the same, here is a new book that appears to blame both the Titanic tragedy and World Trade Center attack on America's faithlessness to the Almighty. this new gem is:

Burris, Jr, Charles Lee. America is Sinking: Remember the Titanic. Xulon Press. April, 2002. wraps. isbn: 1591600146. scarcity: fairly common.

here is how one "Christian who loves God" reviewed the book: "This preacher has the courage, honor, and dignity to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ without hesitation. He has the guts to tell the uncompromising truth despite the consequences!! America is full of perversion, greed, corruption, and apathy. The events of September 11, 2002 happened for a reason. Almighty God is calling America to repent!"

now I have not actually read this book yet, so I may be drawing a stronger parallel than is warranted, but it sure sounds like more of Alma White all over again.

it has always amazed me that religion can bring out both the very best and the absolute worst in humanity.
My Alma White is a green one. There is quite a similarity in wording to the quote you posted, Mike. Here are a few choice lines from her Preface:

"In this volume we have tried to impress upon our readers that there is a more serious and comprehensive side to this the greatest of all marine disasters than the nations have yet conceived. IT IS GOD'S HANDWRITING ON THE WALL, foretelling the doom of those who are given to greed and pleasure in a world cursed by sin."

Presumably this admonition applies to all the poor immigrant victims as well, just as the quote you mentioned about September 11th is somehow an explanation for the deaths of all the police, firefighters, restaurant workers, etc.
<snort> When talking heads or pens claim to be spokesmen/women for the Allmighty, I lose interest real fast. All the more so if/when they claim to have The One Right Answer given unto them by direct revelation from whatever diety(s) they hold in reverence.

Given the vast diversity of opinion, even among people within the same faith groups, it stands to reason that most of them must neccesserily be mistaken. Good luck getting any of these happy souls to see that.

You're gonna need it!
I have the brown colored Alma White book- oddly appropriate color , as the the contents are like dog poopoo.....

That new book about 911 blaming the tragedy on America's 'godlessness' must have been written by Alma White's reincarnation. The author would love Alma White's book.

On a similar thread, I wonder if there were any other Titanic books where the author used their hatred of others as an excuse for the tragedy?

I believe there was a German book from the time of Naziism that blamed the tragedy on the Jews..

There was at least one Nazi era German Titanic movie that was permiated with anti semitism..

Ugh....Hateful books are a very ugly thing-

There is only one thing I like about the Alma White Titanic book- it has a very nice cover, with the gold embossed image of the ship- Similar to what was on the Filson Young Titanic book.

But the drivel within is worse than Klingon pataccckkk...

Tarn Stephanos
Ive noticed many Titanic buffs are also into Star Trek. (as I am..Hail Surak!!)
.There was one Voyager episode where the Titanic was mentioned..I cant recall in one context...
It is interesting to note the religious justifications that pop up regarding any tragedy. A coping mechanism, perhaps? I can understand the need to make sence out of an overwhelming experience, and a desire to blame often manifests during this time. Although, using a faith-based argument is usually a self serving push of another, personal, agenda. Notice when one speaks of an apocalyptic- "it's the end of the world!"- scenario; there almost seems to be a gleam in their eye, as if they WANT it to happen! To me that is an example of sickness, rather than understanding or healing.

If the world was to end simply because of "sin", well- it would have exploded centuries ago!

Take care-
A recent Titanic booklet that approached the disaster in an "Alma White" theme was that mini comic from the Chick Publications- the premice being Titanic sank due to sin and evil, and those who went down on Titanic are likely roasting in Hell due to their sinful lifestyle..


Tarn Stephanos
I hope I am not repeating a thread, but I have
a question. When I purchased the book "Titanic
Tragedy- God Speaking to the Nations", under Mrs.
White's picture, it has printed: Mrs. Alama White,
A.B. The one I just purchased,on Ebay, (probably
for more than I should have) Item number: 3538235424 , under her picture, it has "Sincerely yours , Alma White" not printed.And there is nothing printed under the
picture, just the writing.To anyone's knowledge, did she indeed sign any
of her books? If anyone would like to see the
item, the number is listed above. Could I get
any opinion from someone as to what your
conclusion is as to this being signed. I have no
delusions about this, I am just curious. Patty Miller

Jan Swanson

Hello to all..I have been lurking in this web site for awhile now. What a great site!! I have been a Titanic buff for many years. I have never seen a signed 1912 book of Alma White 1912. I searched this site for any info on it. I did see where someone else asked about this, but no answers. My book has "Sincerely yours Alma White" under her picture. Does anyone know if she signed books? Been searching for info for awhile now with no luck.

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Russell Ball

Yes Alma White did autograph my green copy (Sincerly Yours Alma White) under her picture.I have been trying to see if it is worth anything! THE TITANIC TRAGEDY