Titanic UK International


N. James Wright

Just came back from a wonderful weekend at the Titanic U.K. International's convention at Margate, England.

Lost of interested people visiting the exhibition, with lots of stories to tell about Titanic and connections to it.

The weather was quite good!

Bob Pryor did a guided tour of the Royal Harbour which was very interesting, and well attended, finishing with a tour onboard Sundowner, which is currently out of the water for restoration.

The evenings were great fun, and my Wife and I being relative newcomers to the Titanic world, were made quite welcome and at the end of the weekend had the feeling that everyone we had met were now old friends - can't wait for next year - well done Bob.

I will took many photos, as soon as can I will post a selection, and a link to my web site where I will posting all of them.

Here is a link to Bob's website.