Titanic Valour The Life of Fifth Officer Harold Lowe

I'll be sure to buy myself a copy

Allan Wolf

Congratulations, Inger!
A have a historical fiction YA book due out next month, with Harold Lowe as one of the characters. My own depiction of Lowe would have been much more rich if I had had access to the professional and thorough research that your book no doubt contains. As it is, I'm grateful for whatever snippets of wisdom I've gleaned from you on the ET Message Board over the years. Good luck with it. And THANKS!

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Inger, hi, first off, congratulations on your book, I am sure it will be a very good read. However, I live in the states and was looking on Amazon and it does not have information about pre ordering the book also it says that it is currently out of stock and lists a option to be notified when becoming available (which I did). I am assuming people in the states will be able to purchase the book or will it not be available right away to people in the states? Thanks!

Micheal, I've noticed that with books published outside of the continental United States, the U.S. based branch of Amazon tends to be the very last to get any copies in stock. This is the reason I have something set up with Amazon.uk. I tend to get it when it's hot off the presses when it's only just being offered for pre-order in the USA.
Michael, thanks for letting me know. So I assume I would just be best to set up a account with Amazon UK as well, pre order the book, and go from there? I assume no problem with shipping to the US then? Thanks for your help!


Inger Sheil

Thanks everyone (and especially those who have preordered!) - so many of you have been very encouraging along the way. Allan, I look forward to buying your book for my nephews and niece - I don't know if the Lowe family are aware of it? I'll bring it to their attention.

Michael McG., the book will be distributed in the US (and Australia), but books require a longer lead time for the American market, so it will take a while for it to get there. As Michael S suggests, your best bet is going through Amazon UK if you want it as soon as possible after release. I'll update here with any publishing information I get.