Titanic Violins


Jenn Medeiros

well thats not entirely true Roy as i study the violin and i am a beginner and i am paying for the violin myself. and yes it is horrible sounding and squeaky !!! yes but for the kids who do stick with the violin who knows maybe in their later years they may be able to afford it themselves you know save up.

Clark Anderson

It seems most of the Titanic pictures I have are prints, and not very sharp- One chum has some framed Titanic photos, in sepia brown, that are of stunning clarity. I want what he has! Of the Titanic photos one might buy from the Ulster Transport and Folk museum- are they off the negative, on photo paper, or paper prints




hi allan welcome to the message board family right now the only authenticated violin that has been recovered is the one played by band leader Wallace Hartley here are two articles that will explain where the violin has been all these years and how it was authenticated to be his Titanic Violin Confirmed Authentic By CT Scan; Instrument Belonged To Bandmaster Wallace Hartley (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
Titanic Violin Found! Instrument Played By Bandmaster As Ship Sank, Auction House Says i hope this helps you understand a little more about the history of the famous violin after the sinking of the titanic .