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Titanic Virtual Reality Just Released

Discussion in 'General Titanica' started by VREducation, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. VREducation

    VREducation Member

    Hi Titanica

    We just released a virtual reality wreck simulation on steam where you complete tasks and explore the wreck site.

    Titanic VR on Steam

    This experience works both on standard desktop displays and VR devices. We do recommend using either the Oculus VR headset or HTC Vive for best experience.

    Accuracy of Titanic VR Shipwreck

    We have been asked many times via forum posts, direct emails and on reddit about the accuracy of the shipwreck shown inside Titanic VR. The model we created is based on the original plans used to construct Titanic and dive photos and videos over the years. We decided to show the shipwreck intact where possible using data collected during dives which were made soon after her discovery in 1985. The reason we decided to create the 85 wreck is that much of Titanic’s wreck has crumbled over the years and many parts of this once mighty ship are unrecognizable today. We wanted to ensure that users (kids especially) will recognize that this was once a mighty ship that carried passengers.

    The superstructure of the wreck inside the game is quite accurate to what sits at the bottom of the ocean and anybody with knowledge of the ship will easily find their way around the miles of corridors and rooms as they are all located within Titanic VR where they should be. Some of the furniture inside some of the rooms is in a better-preserved state then it should be as most of the wood has disintegrated over the years. We could have removed all the furniture but again going through hundreds of empty rooms or rooms with piles of rubble would not make for a very interesting exploration tour for kids or many older folks for that matter. Other rooms like the Turkish baths and details like the wheel house are very accurate. One of the few details we have changed are the names on the plaques which we have replaced with kickstarter names and the names of our development team.

    For the MIR sub the model of the exterior is accurate however the interior is not. In a real MIR sub you would need to lie down on the floor and look out 3 small windows that are only a few inches in diameter. Creating this as a 100% sim accurate game would not make for a compelling VR experience for 99% of people so we did take some artistic license here and there to ensure the best possible experience for most people. We do know tackling a world famous subject like the Titanic can open us up to criticism from Titanic fans/experts however this is something we decided to make as we love brining history to life and making it accessible to as many people as possible. Hey at least we didn’t add a love story in this version

    By default Titanic VR graphic settings are set to low. If you purchase early access please go into the options room and kick the graphics up to high if your rig can handle the performance. The shipwreck is one of the largest models ever seen in VR so we had to really optimize everything to pass 90fps on a GTX 970. If you are running a 980 or above with a good cpu you should try checking performance on a higher setting. It really makes a difference with the overall look and feel.

    We do hope you enjoy early access and please remember this is truly early access. We are still working day and night in the background tweaking gameplay, adding content and boosting performance. What you are seeing today is only part of the larger project to deliver something very special.

    Finally, I have included a video here from a YouTuber called Spammels who is a lifelong Titanic fan. He is very knowledgeable on the subject and knows Titanic’s layout inside and out. I have added this particular video to emphasis the accuracy of the model layout as he seems to know where to go even though its his first time playing the game part of Titanic VR.