Titanic Voices and other books with survival accounts

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I am planning to purchase the book Titanic Voices by Donald Hyslop and all. I am trying to find accounts from the crewmembers who were rescued from the water. I have heard that the accounts of John Thompson, Isaac Maynard, Sidney Daniels, Ernest Allen, John O'Connor, Thomas Dillon, Harold Phillimore and Jack Stewart can be found in this book. These are among the accounts I am looking for. Can anyone who owns the book clarify that their full accounts appear in this book?

Also, what are the best books for survivor accounts? I have "Sinking of the Titanic: Eyewitness Accounts" by Jay Henry Mowbray and "The Story of the Titanic as Told by Its Survivors" by Jack Winocaur. I have also read the inquiry transcripts, Jack Thayer's book and both of Walter Lord's books. I'm looking moreso for press accounts. I know that many of them are highly inaccurate, but I'm interested in reading them nonetheless.
after a brief glance or two I have found one page of text from Sidney Daniels and one photograph, one photograph of Jack Stewart and no text, and nothing about the others, but this does not mean it is not there. The book is not organized to make finding something from a particular witness easy, though.
What do you mean by 'full accounts'? It sounds like you want all that these people have ever had to say about everything.
From what you have read so far, I think that 'Voices' could be very interesting to you anyhow, regardless of whether these particular accounts are in it or not.
Thank you both for your replies. Yes, I definitely will purchase Titanic Voices regardless of whether the accounts are in it. By full accounts, I don't necessarily mean every word they have spoke about the ship, but I wish to know whether the entire transcripts/printings of the interviews that are excerpted in the book are included, or if they only include fragments of the interview.

The reason I am conducting my research is both to try and determine everyone who was rescued from the water (ie., such as on the overturned collapsible), as well as to get a clearest of picture as possible of the final moments on the ships boat deck (ie., what happened to the senior officers, which way was the ship listing, etc.). I have a general idea, but my goal is to find the testimonies of everyone who was on the ship in its final moments and than to try and piece together a clear picture of what happened, both on the ship in its final moments, and in the water after words. In order to do this, I wish to find the most detailed accounts of the survivors as possible, which is why the full interviews would be useful to me.

Any further advice that you or anyone else can provide in this regard would be most helpful.

Once again, thank you for your assistance.
the index really helps, thank you.

I have used the index and looked again, here are my results:

- James Thompson: almost nothing
- H. Maynard: 1 photo
- Sidney Daniels: 1 full page of text, additionally some lines from an inquiry, 1 photo
- Ernest Allen: almost nothing
- John O'Connor: nothing at all
- Thomas Dillon: name appears in witness list
- Harold Phillimore: name mentioned
- Jack/John Stewart: name mentioned, 1 photo

The book is full of stories, letters and photographs, however, most of it very interesting.

I wonder who told you that accounts by these men were in the book, because it is only partially true for one of them.
Hi John,

Looking over your list of books i have a few comments/suggestions

The books by Marshall Everett and Logan Marshall (4 in total) are essentially the same book. If you by one of them you have bought them all. Most of the information in them is from the press coverage of the disaster.

I would highly recommend any of George Behe's books. They may not contain what you are looking for but they are still worth reading for any serious Titanic enthusiast.

Any book by John Eaton is also worth getting for any serious Titanic enthusiast. While they mostly deal with the general history of the ship and the sinking they are some of the best books on the subject.

The Mammoth Book of the Titanic would be exactly what you are looking for. It is a collection of newspaper articles of the period on the Titanic Disaster. Another book that is a newspaper articles collection is "Extra Titanic: The Story of the Disaster in the Newspapers of the Day" by Eric Caren & Steve Goldman.

Hope this helps

Thank you for the excellent information, Matthew.
It has been very useful to me.

"The Mammoth Book of the Titanic" and "Extra Titanic" will definitely be near the top of my "wish list." I will probably also purchase one of Marshall Everett's books as well as "The Titanic Disaster as Reported in the British Press."

Along with "Titanic Voices", I have ordered George Behe's new book "Onboard the RMS Titanic", along with "31 Norwegian Destinies" by Per Kristian Sebak, and "Titanic" by Claes-Goran Wetterholm. As for "Dusk to Dawn", I will wait and see if it comes down to a more reasonable price.

I'm hoping that Brian Ticehurst or Peter Engberg-Klarstrom and Tad Fitch will stumble across this thread, because they seem to have been the main contributors to the bio's on the people who's accounts I have been looking for.

However, between the books I have ordered and the press books you have recommended, which will be my next purchase of Titanic books, I should be loaded with information.

Thank you for the help
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