Titanic Voyage RPG ~ 2018


For those of you on here that have never heard of Titanic Voyage RPG I strongly suggest taking a look. Its a week long real time simulation of the first and final Voyage of the RMS Titanic. The reason I am posting this here is because I'd like to see what other people think of the concept of this RPG. And how you would reenact to the events if you could live them out minute by minute. Titanic Voyage 2018 is coming up fast so if you think this may be something your interested in go and take a look at their facebook page.
Found this post exactly a year later - neat

I found the entire experience very enjoyable. Most of the time it was extremely active and there were many friendly people. The mini games (card/board games) were neat, the UI was basic enough and the map was fun to explore. I was surprised by the level of accuracy on the part of the crew. Also those audio cues later on in the game are goosebump giving
Given that it's free to play, I was really happy with it
10/10 excited to play it again in a few months
Honestly, Titanic Voyage RPG is the best online Titanic game I've ever played. The majority of the players were nice, the interface was easy to use, the interior was accurate, and on the deck plan maps, I discovered some rooms in the ship that I had no idea existed. I played under the name of Logan Brown, and boarded the Titanic in Cherbourg. I chatted with Harold Lowe and Thomas Andrews in the dining room, participated in a party, and took a tour of the bottom decks of the ship. I was on the bow of the ship when it hit the iceberg, I went to the boiler room with several others to try to fix the damage, once trying to fix the damage was no longer possible, I went up to the deck, got my life jacket, and struggled getting up to the boat deck.When I went up to the boat deck, the bow was submerged, and everyone was fighting each other to get into the boats. I escaped into Lifeboat 11 and watched in horror as the ship broke in two and sank. Eventually, the players in the lifeboats, myself included, were picked up on the Carpathia. We had a moment of silence for the people that didn't survive, and we gave each other our last goodbyes as the game ended. I had a lot of fun playing, and I can't wait to play it again this April. I told my friends at school about the game, and they seem interested in playing it. In case anybody reading this is planning to play the game this April, I'll be seeing you on board.