Titanic Voyage (RPG) - 2020

Hello, everyone. I know that I already made a post about this game last year, I decided that I'm going to talk about the game again for those who missed it last year and/or would like to participate in it this year. Titanic Voyage (RPG) is an annual week-long online roleplay game created by Daniel Hobi in which you create your own character and experience the maiden voyage in real time in which you can chat with other players and explore the ship. Titanic Voyage starts on April 10th, and ends on April 18th. The game also runs in British Time, so 12:00 p.m. game time would be 7:00 a.m. on the U.S. East Coast. Registration beings at 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time on March 9th, (12:00 a.m. on March 10th if you live in Britain). The teaser trailer for the game has already been released, and you can view it here.

What do you think about this game? Feel free to tell me. I hope I'll be seeing you on board this year.
I remember playing this when I was 16 (back in 2018). It was a cool experience but I died two times. I managed to survive while using my second account last year. But, I'm gonna be ready for this year.
I'll play the game for third year this year. It's very nice and I'm looking forward to playing again. I am trying to be a Ctricial Crew every year because I want it very much, but I do not succeed. And every year I died in the cold waters of Atlantic Ocean. Last year I was Crew Quarter 1 and i was on the bridge for most of the trip I was helping the officers and I did what they told me. My name was Dimitris Agoudimos. I hope to be lucky this year! If you want to meet me I'll be on the bridge this year as an officer or crew.
I hope you all are ready and have thought of your character that you'll play as and which cabin you'll sleep in, because the registration begins in one week! Once the registration begins, the cabins fill up fast. I can't wait!
Definitly doing this again, it was such fun last year, hopefully i can download that iceberg desktop wallpaper again too, which i lost a few months ago in a hard drive failure
The registration in in less than 24 hours! I've planned my cabins (in case the main cabin I originally intend to go for is already taken) for the voyage, and I hope you all get to choose the cabin you want before it's too late.
The registration has officially began, comrades!
Just signed up, my cabin was taken, so i chose one i thought sounded good, C-60, just a small inboard cabin, nothing special, at least i managed to get a first cabin
I registered my character almost instantly after the registration began. Fortunately, my cabin was still available, and yes, it was the same one as last year. My cabin is A-37, and I chose that cabin because I find it somewhat interesting. Mainly because it was hidden in the aft grand staircase and it was occupied by the photographer Francis Browne in real life.