Titanic Voyage (RPG) - 2020

I died, couldn't get on a boat, didn't even get to see the ship break apart, froze to death in the Atlantic, what about Mr Logan and Mr Owen? Did you survive? (PS: I don't know why but this forum wanted me to change my username) and is there a way i can be a carpathia passenger with my email address?

Update: just signed up to the carpathia with a different name and email, i'm on the carpathia now
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We had a great year! I got to join the great as Boxhall along with a bunch of other historical characters. If anyone has any thoughts or opinions they'd like to share (as well as criticisms!) let know and I'll pass it on to some of the developers, though I suspect a lot of you guys are already a member of the FB group.

I find this game to be probably the most impactful Titanic I participate in. Getting to live the voyage for four days and relive the sinking all in real time has really opened my eyes and also given me a better emotional understanding of what those people went through. I'm missing the voyage terribly already!
I signed up as a Carpathia passenger so I could explore the ship. How accurate are the interior spaces? If it's historically accurate, the interiors of the Carpathia looked like a not bad ship, pretty comfortable, even areas the game designates as 3rd class spaces.