Titanic Voyage RPG 2023

Hi everybody! 2023 is right around the corner which means every TVRPG player will begin to prepare for TVRPG 2023. Last year was great, other than the sinking breaking and it needing to be redone. We hope this doesn't happen this year! This will also be the second year since the London Boat Train was implemented, we are hoping for another wonderful year honoring those who died aboard the Titanic. If you don't know already, Titanic Voyage RPG is an online eight-day roleplaying game where we literally recreate the maiden voyage of the Titanic. You can play a historical character like me (I am playing the Countess of Rothes and her maid Cissy and my friend is playing Gladys Cherry) or you can be a fictional character. If you are historical, you have a 100% guarantee to live or die while a fictional must go by the survival rates and lifeboat odds. My fellow TVRPGers, I hope to see you in 2023!

- Hayden
Enjoying the voyage so far but there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of activity on this thread
Titanic Passenger:
Mr. Henry Percy McAdam (survived, Boat 2 (10 occupants), first class passenger, journalist, dined in B-52 one evening)
Carpathia Passenger:
Mr. Michael Rogo

Two randos pretended to be my friends during the sinking, I didn't know them. All three of my other fictional friends (Mr. Black, Mr. Raymond, Mr. Whitmore) died, but some of my historical friends (Mrs. Maggie Brown, J. Bruce Ismay, Col. Archibald Gracie) did survive.